About US

Hungarian Dental Travel was founded in Lincoln in 2004. In 2018 Hungarian Dental Travel became part of Hand Picked Clinics. We now operate from Surrey in the UK.

01. Informative

Having worked in healthcare for 25 years, Sara is highly experienced at listening and understanding your needs and giving you advice about your options.

02. Independent

We’re not tied to a single clinic and make recommendations based on your needs only. Having close relationships with a small number of surgeons we can better understand the true range of options available but we are not limited to one surgeon’s approach which may not be right for everyone.

03. Sensitive

We have hand picked surgeons who are adept and experienced at dealing with nervous patients and still deliver top notch results. You will not be pressured into anything either by us or by any of the practitioners we recommend.

Hungarian Dental Travel was a pioneer in 2004 helping patients from the UK and then further afield find affordable world-class dental treatment in Hungary. Take a look at some of the cuttings from local and national newspapers and magazines from those earlier years as well as some more recent magazine articles.
The best way to judge for yourself whether what we offer is right for you is to give us a call or book a time for us to call you. There is no obligation and you don’t pay us a penny. But you may also be interested to hear what a few previous patients had to say, so we’ve assembled some videos here from our YouTube Channel.

Our History

Hungarian Dental Travel  was founded during the 2004 National Health Service (NHS) dental crisis to help British and Irish dental patients get high quality dental care abroad.

At the time people found it near impossible to register with a dentist and going private was simply out of the question due to the high cost of private dental care.

Our first patient was Mike Johnson from March, Cambridgeshire who went to Hungary for dental implants and a full set of crowns. He was absolutely delighted and featured in the Peterborough Evening Standard (Now Peterborough Telegraph) after his treatment finished in 2005.

Research & Development was key to our success at the time. We were one of the first to develop a substantial vetting procedure to check out new dentists before working with them.

Mr Sam Paggi became our first American patient to travel from San Francisco, USA in 2006.

We became quite famous in 2008 for our “inflatable dental clinic” which gained global media attention. We wanted to promote our service  by showcasing our dentists. They had recently become GDC registered and patients were keen to speak to a dentist before they travelled. Our story travelled around the world and  we featured in most of the media in the UK as well as the British Dental Journal and the New York Times.

From 2009 to 2015 Hungarian Dental Travel offered consultations and dental treatment in London. Unfortunately the best Dentists do not want to travel between Budapest and London on a regular basis. It is now much easier to send X rays and scans electronically and for patients to talk with their Hungarian dentist by Skype or similar. There is, however, no substitute for an in-person examination with the surgeon who will treat you, and no reason not to take advantage of the no-obligation advice on offer in Hungary.

In 2018 Hungarian Dental Travel became a part of Hand Picked Clinics and we now aim to incorporate the introduction and advice services regarding Hungarian dentistry into a wider ambit covering more countries, including Turkey and India, and a wider selection of treatments beyond just dental.

Hand Picked Clinics – Founders

Sara Abbas


Sara has degrees in pharmacy from Nottingham and psychology from the Open University and a masters in psychotherapy. She has worked within the healthcare industry for over 25 years both in primary and secondary care.

Paul Hibbert


Paul has a degree in Classics and Philosophy but has spent 30 years in IT and telecoms, travelling all over the world. He believes passionately in the individual right to choose.

What’s Important to Us

Benefits of Travel

We believe that by travelling and interacting with people from different cultures we broaden our horizons and gain significant physical and mental health benefits. We also aim to make contributions to local charities near the clinics we recommend.

Climate Change

Travel by Air makes a significant contribution to the excess of man-made carbon in the atmosphere, so we invest in projects which offset the CO2 generated by our activities.


One of the most important aspirations we can have is to experience choice and control in our lives. Choice is denied to far too many people. While having greater control and choice beyond the basics of healthcare is certainly a first world problem, we see the promotion of medical tourism as helping more people escape the limitations which can be imposed on them by their domestic healthcare systems. It is surely right in the 21st century that the best the world has to offer be available to more people and not be restricted by geography or the arbitrary policy decisions of local governments.

Company Information

Hungarian Dental Travel is operated by Hand Picked Clinics Ltd a company incorporated in England (11131055), registered office at 2nd Floor, College House, 17 King Edwards Road, RUISLIP, London, HA4 7AE. VAT registration: 288869809.

Hungarian Dental Travel has been helping patients find the best possible treatment in Hungary since 2004. Now part of Hand Picked Clinics, we are expanding our country coverage with the aim of helping more people from all over the globe.

We can introduce you to some of the best dental clinics in Hungary (and beyond). We know the ins and outs of travelling abroad for treatment. We are not tied to one clinic and we are not dentists, just normal humans.

Every treatment plan is as individual as you are. You will get world class treatment at an affordable price. Our dentists are skilled at designing solutions that both save you money and focus on your long term oral health.

Send us a short message outlining what you want to acheive - restore your self-esteem, a perfect smile, being able to chew properly, your objective will be our aim as we do our best to guide you through.

We have hand picked a small number of clinics in Hungary with some of the best dentists and dental surgeons around.

We only gather the information we have to in order to provide the service we offer and we only share that information with the dentists in our selected clinics. Simple.