Our Dental Ethics

Our Dental Ethics

Patient care always comes first! We have a set of ethical standards in place which always ensures a high standard of care for our dental patients. Our ethical standards procedures cover the dentists we work with, the treatment they provide as well as the materials and quality of equipment used. Our ethics also cover the fees we charge.

Our dental clinic is also regularly inspected

Ethical Standards within the Dental Industry

Our clinic meets the highest standards of care

Our Dentists

Most of our dentists have been part of the team for several years now but there is always the first time a dentist starts to work with us. In these cases we thoroughly check their background before any dentist can work with us. This includes checking all qualifications and the experience that they have. We operate a very detailed vetting process and check conduct as well as ask them to take a written examination.
Once a dentist is part of the team we constantly monitor performance and regularly have their work checked externally.

Dental Materials & Equipment

We only use well known and respected globally branded materials. This ensures good quality and accurate restorations which look good and last many years.
We do not use amalgam filling material under any circumstances. We will use well known strong composite materials which are the same colour as your natural teeth. In some circumstances we will use BPA free filling materials.

Our dental implants are from the best manufacturers. All of our dental implants are made from grade 5 medical titanium from the Nobel Biocare & Alpha Bio manufacturers. These are considered by many to be the best in the world.

For Crown or Bridge restorations we are using the best Gradia Porcelain as well as BPA Free Ceramics and Zirconium.

Our dental equipment is modern and meets every possible standard in dentistry. Our X-ray facility is digital which gives high quality images for diagnosis.

Our Dental Ethics
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