Avoiding Dental Pitfalls

Avoiding Dental Pitfalls?

avoiding dental pitfalls

Going it alone is not always a good idea.

Avoiding Dental Pitfalls is very important when considering travelling to Budapest for Dental Treatment. The fear that something can go wrong crosses the mind of nearly every dental patient that considers travelling to Budapest for dental treatment. Hungarian Dental Travel is here to do all of the hard work and help you avoid potential pitfalls.

Price is often the driving force when a patient considers treatment in Budapest but as we already know, experience and attitude is most important when considering your new dentist. Many patients who choose not to have dental treatment in their own country take the risk to go overseas for treatment in order to fulfill their dream of a perfect smile.

Trusting the healthcare system of another country can be quite daunting especially if you know little about Hungary’s healthcare and legal system.

Why Use Us?

We have been helping British patients travel to Hungary since 2004 which is pretty much when it all began for the British. We choose which dentists to work with and not the other way around. All of our dentists have to go through an initial vetting process and if we agree to work with them there is a probation period and constant monitoring. We have been working with our current line up of dentists for nearly 10 years.

One of the founders of Hungarian Dental Travel is British himself and he understands the concerns that patients have about travelling to Budapest for dental treatment. Whilst Hungary is not short of Dentists, it does take a Dentist with the skills and certain attitude to treat British patients because there is a certain amount of expectation in terms of service,

International Standards

The good news is that the dental tourism infrastructure is strong! Hungary is in the EU which means that Hungarian dentists and the authorities must abide by EU standards and laws. Hungarian dentists and dental clinics have always far exceeded the required standard even before they became an EU country. Dental tourism is such a big industry that the country’s economy gets a real boost from dental health travelers.


Although Hungarian dentistry is among the best in the world, there is a vast amount of difference between one dentist and another. When it comes to dental implants some dentists can place them more accurately than others. This is down to education, qualification, experience and attitude. This is where our constant monitoring comes in useful. Our opinions of a dentist are based on the patients he has seen and how he interacts with us when we are putting together treatment plans for patients. We do send patient x-rays away on a routine basis to independent dental professionals to ensure standards remain high.

There are many dentist who can place implants but when you need bone grafting which involves either sinus lifting or build up with membranes then this is a step up in skill level. We insist upon working with skilled dental surgeons.

We choose our dentists very carefully and monitor them on a case by case basis.


We will make sure you have a good idea of the costs (not just dental but the cost of your trip) before you come for treatment. We will give you a treatment and price plan in writing. This includes all extras (stitches, anesthetic etc) and a copy of the guarantee policy. If possible set 10% aside for contingency to cover travel should any guarantee needs arise.

Ongoing Medical Problems

Inform the dentist if you have an on-going medical problem (especially heart diseases, blood pressure problem, stroke, diabetes etc) and what medication you are taking. Some types of dental treatment need preparation, close monitoring and management if you are suffering from certain conditions.


Smoking has really bad affects on oral hygiene and in some cases treatments like dental implants are not always an option for heavy smokers. Let the dentist know in advance if you are a smoker and ask what the possible complications are. The success rates of implants nose dive for smokers so it should be a consideration to stop before having this type of treatment.

Immune System

It is advisable to boost the immune system before any kind of medical treatment. Get your oral hygiene in a better condition by healthy eating and drinking as well as cutting alcohol consumption before and during your treatment.

Surgery Risks

Before you start your treatment ask your dentists what the operative and post operative risks are and how to avoid them.


Make sure you inform your dentist about your expectations. If you wish for a bright Hollywood-style smile or specific crown shape then let the dentist know in advance. You also need to make sure that your request is medically possible and that the dentist has the skill set needed to create your new smile just the way you want.


Do ask your dentist if something is not clear or you do not fully understand something. It is advisable not to go overboard with your questions but make sure everything is clear before proceeding. Do not hesitate if something is bugging you. It is best to ask then be sorry later.


Make sure you look after your teeth and oral hygiene after the treatment, as well. Do brush two times a day, every day and monitor your recovery. Some patients’ recovery can be a little uncomfortable so it is better to ask your dentist what to expect.

Don’t forget the importance of check-ups, regular oral hygienic treatment, also full scale a polish. Once you completed your dental treatment, try to prevent further dental problems.


Hungary treats hundreds of thousands of patients who have travelled from other nations to have low cost high quality dental treatment in Hungary. Problems are extremely rare and in most cases the dentist is willing to help the patient. Malpractice is relatively unheard of and the overall concept of travelling overseas for your dental treatment has little risks.


Avoiding Dental Pitfalls
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