Carol’s Dental Journey Budapest

Carol’s Dental Journey Budapest

This is Carol’s dental journey to Budapest. We received a call last year from a lady in her late 50’s living in Central London who was interested in having dental implants in Budapest. She lost all of her teeth several years earlier due to gum disease and had been struggling with a denture for far too long.

denture wearerBy her own admission she was a very sociable person, always showing her teeth when laughing at bingo and other sociable events locally. As her dental problems became worse she stopped socialising so much until eventually she became a recluse. Once the denture was fitted by her NHS dentist she did not like how she looked and eating was frustrating. She could not chew very well and the taste of food seemed to have gone. The dentures also caused soreness in the mouth. She just was not happy at all and mostly refused to wear the dentures.

She had heard about a procedure called denture stabilisation which involves placing dental implants into the upper and lower jawbone and then fitting a special reinforced denture (sometimes called an over-denture) to the dental implants by way of a special ball and socket arrangement.

Carol came to see us in Hungary as she knew we specialised in this procedure and had a free consultation with the Dentist who places hundreds of dental implants every year.  Our Dentist also provided x-rays at no additional cost. Once Carol had her consultation with the Dentist in Budapest she was much more aware of her treatment options and the benefits, risks, costs and convenience of each option.

Option 1 – Denture Stabilisation

Carol was told that despite losing her teeth several years ago she was a good candidate for dental implants with regard to this option. Her bone loss was not so severe. Bone augmentation or bone grafting was not needed.

The dentist advised that she could have 4 dental implants placed on the upper jawbone and 4 dental implants placed on the lower jawbone. Some patients on occasion need 6 implants in the upper to achieve stability but in Carol’s case 4 implants in the upper arch was sufficient.

Carol was told that after the dental implants are placed the dentist was confident that he could load the dental implants with the new custom made dentures once they are made which will be at the end of her 5 working day visit to Hungary. Carol could arrive on a Sunday and have her dental implants placed on the Monday. After accurate dental impressions are taken the new dentures would be ready by the following week.

Sometimes it is better to wait for a 3 to 6 months healing period to pass before loading the dental implants with the final restoration but in Carol’s case the dentist was happy that he had achieved stability as the implants would be joined together with a bar system.

Also, with some dental patients it is better to have one denture made for one arch and let it settle in before making the second denture for the opposite arch. In Carol’s case the dentist was happy to have the custom fit denture made for both the upper and lower arch at the same time.

This option would include:

  • The placement of the dental implants at our Budapest clinic.
  • The supply of special abutments which attaches to the new denture
  • The bar system to join the dental implants together
  • A high quality multi-layered acrylic denture with an internal super structure for strength
  • A socket system to attach to the dental implants

The advantage of the overdenture over the porcelain bridge is:

  • The cost is much lower
  • Less implants are needed which reduces risk of failure

The disadvantage is:

  • The overdenture is a slightly bulkier option
  • The overdenture needs to be removed for cleaning every few days

Option 2

The second option would be to have a full circle porcelain bridge supported by dental implants.

It is a more expensive option as more dental implants would be needed to support a porcelain bridges than with a custom made overdenture. The cost of the bridge is also higher than the overdenture. In the case of Carol, it would mean that a small amount bone grafting using synthetic bone would be needed to give some of the dental implants stability. This means extra cost.

The advantage of the porcelain bridge as opposed to the overdenture is that the porcelain bridge is a slimmer option and is permanently bonded in place which means that it never needs to be removed.

The disadvantage is cost and risk. The more dental implants that are placed means a higher risk of failure.


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Carol’s Dental Journey Budapest
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