£12000 for a new smile, like Tulisa’s? Not in Hungary!


I have been following Tulisa’s smile-makeovers since the start of her appearance as a judge on X-Factor.

Everybody attached to the program seems to have bright white smiles. Maybe it is to do with Simon Cowell, setting the standards.

Some people love having the full Hollywood glamour written all over their teeth, some prefers more the natural look.  X-Factor famously given smile makeovers for their most valuable contestants, as well.

Last years’ favourites Rachel, Katie and Cher Lloyd, also boy band One Direction had their teeth updated. This very much means Tulisa, as new judge had to have dental treatments.

Earlier this year I published a blog on her new smile, costing her £12000!!! http://hungariandentaltravel.blogspot.com/2011/08/make-good-impression-with-winning-smile.html


Now she tweeted about her dentist only to find herself in a “new plugging row after seemingly promoting the dentist who fitted her veneers on Twitter”- explains the Metro.

Only Tulisa never had to pay the £12000, it was only the value of the dental treatments correcting her aliments mostly using dental veneers.

Apparently she was tweeting about her lovely, new porcelain veneers

According the the Metro: “The OFT has not confirmed whether it is looking at The X Factor star’s behaviour, but a spokesman said: ‘It must be clear if endorsements in blogs and microblogs like Twitter have been made in return for payment or payment in kind.’” several times, mentioning clearly the name of the dentist and the practise, as well.

Well, who can blame Tulisa for getting free dental treatment? Good quality porcelain veneers cost a lot in the UK.

However, dental tourism could be an alternative, as treatments can cost 40%-70% less in Hungary,

For more, check out prices in Hungary on our site http://hungariandentaltravel.co.uk/prices/



£12000 for a new smile, like Tulisa’s? Not in Hungary!
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