Choosing The Best Dental Clinic Budapest

Choosing The Best Dental Clinic Budapest


best dental clinic budapest

Best Dental Clinic Budapest

Choosing the best Dental Clinic Budapest is very important. Not only does the clinic have to be well equipped but your new Dentist and supporting staff must have the right qualities for your needs and expectations. Treatment must be provided at the highest possible level. Travelling to Budapest for dental treatment is not a decision to be taken lightly and that is why we have been perfecting our service since 2004.

Cost is the main factor which attracts dental patients to travel to Budapest for dental treatment but that aside, quality of treatment is paramount as well as meeting patient expectations.


The location that you live in may determine the dental clinic in Hungary that you visit.

We have a dental clinic in Budapest, the capital city as well as in the north-west of Hungary.

Some patients fly into the capital city airport whilst others find it necessary to fly into Vienna, Austria or Bratislava in Slovakia before crossing the border into Hungary. We do offer complimentary airport transfers to overseas patients.

Agent or Deal Direct

Some agents are worth their weight in gold as they not only know the dental landscape in Hungary very well but they also monitor your whole trip and the dental treatment you receive to ensure that everything goes well for you. Agents can be independent (like we are) and choose which dentists they want to work with whilst others are employees of the dentist. It is worth investigating which side their bread is buttered.

There are no hard and fast rules. Some agents keep their dentists in check and keep prices low whilst some dentists will give discounts if they don’t have to pay an agent. Research is important!

We have an extremely close relationship with our dentists which is necessary to be able to offer the best treatment in a safe environment.


Dentist and patient communication is very important. If the dentist does not understand you then how can the dentist do the very best for you? Language is as important as attitude when it comes to communication. Your Hungarian dentists should be able to speak very good or perfect English and possess good communication skills.


Credentials are important, especially when the treatment you are seeking is complex involving dental implants and possible bone grafting. Please, read below for more information.

Some dentists graduate and become very good at general dentistry whilst others attend internationally acclaimed post graduate courses so that they can place implants in difficult circumstances.

Experience is important in dentistry when it comes to complex and delicate cases. A dentist with several years experience in a particular discipline may be the obvious solution against a dentist with only a few years experience even if there is a price difference between the two.

It makes sense to choose the best dentist for the job and qualification and experience is important.


Many dental clinics cater exclusively for the overseas dental patient which means that standards have to be maintained if they want to keep attracting new patients. Reputation is everything and you will find most clinics have the latest equipment and an impressive standard of décor.

Poor hygiene would normally result in an excessive amount of complaints so it is worth checking online for bad comments about the clinic. Dental clinics are usually fitted to a very high standard but it is worth researching online as most clinics post photographs of the clinic.


Look for a dentist who is offering good value for money. We all know that the cheapest is not necessarily the best and you generally get what you pay for. Bear in mind that some dentists have a great deal of experience and may not be willing to lower prices as much as a dentist that recently graduated. Many dentists choose to use the best quality branded materials and have your new restoration made by a technician that will really do a good job. Shop around by all means but don’t let price alone rule the decisions that you make.


Dentist attitude is extremely important. The vast majority of dentists aim to provide the best care possible but avoid those dentists who are not health or patient orientated. Dentists must perform on every patient that they treat and aim to get the best result that they can. Hungarian dentists are usually very proud of the job that they do. Best Dental Clinic Budapest.

Quality of Care and Materials

It is most likely that you will choose a dentist that has experience dealing with overseas patients. Although some mix, Hungarian dental clinics will either cater for the overseas patient or cater for the local patient.

The overseas patient demands the best quality for their money and the dentists use the very best branded materials as well as the best techniques. Local patients usually cannot afford the best quality materials so make sure that you choose a dental clinic that is used to dealing with the overseas patient.






Choosing The Best Dental Clinic Budapest
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