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Cosmetic Dentist Dental Surgeon

cosmetic dentist dental surgeon

Our Dentist & Dental Surgeon

Our Dentist is a qualified Cosmetic Dentist & Dental Surgeon working with the latest advancements, techniques and materials in modern Dentistry. Most recently he gained the highest qualifications worldwide which are the Clinical Masters Degree in Advanced Implant Aesthetics and the Clinical Masters Degree in Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry.

He can manage complex dental restorations which can include dental implants as well as non invasive options such as telescopic solutions. He balances risk and overall best solutions very well taking into account patient expectations and overall budget for treatment. He has in our experience put patients first in the 10 years we have


cosmetic dentist dental surgeon

Our Dentist

A specialist in treating nervous and phobia patients.

This Dentist has an abundance of post graduate qualifications in many different specialties.

Spoken Languages: English, German, Hungarian, Italian, Russian, Polish. He speaks Spanish at an Intermediate level.

Dental Treatments Provided:

    • Dental Implants
    • Bone Grafting / Bone Augmentation including membranes
    • Crowns made from Zirconium Crowns
    • Gnathology
    • Dental Veneers including EMAX
    • IAOMT safe amalgam filling removal
    • Surgical Tooth Extractions
    • Wisdom tooth extractions
    • Root apex resection
    • Telescopic Crown / Bridge solutions
    • All forms of General Dentistry

Watch on YouTube: Our Cosmetic Dentist & Dental Surgeon / Cosmetic Dentist Dental Surgeon

Certificates of Achievement

Cosmetic Dentist Dental Surgeon | Hungarian Dental Travel
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