Credit Cards……….Friend or Foe?


We All think of credit cards as an expensive way to borrow money but did you know that paying for your dental treatment in Hungary with a credit card can give you protection in several ways? This protection applies regardless of whether you pay off the debt, transfer the balance or make regular payments.

Whilst getting high quality dental treatment in Budapest may come as second nature to the Germans, Swiss and Austrians, patients from English speaking countries remain sceptical about the concept of dental tourism which is why credit card payments are a good idea. Patients from Great Britain, Ireland, Canada and America generally don’t know how good the dental care in Budapest is until they have been which means that at some point they are nervous first timers. It is only natural to be cautious about getting dental care in another country because dentists in Hungary operate under a different healthcare system than the one you are used to. Many patients are scared in case something goes wrong and they cannot resolve their complaint with the dentist.

This is where the credit card protection comes in handy.

Generally Hungarian dentists are well qualified, use high quality branded materials with most Hungarian dentists having years of experience in their chosen field of dentistry. Problems are very rare but if there are difficulties then Hungarian dentists are quick to rectify as you have a guarantee.

Whilst this is all very reassuring it is not as effective as having a little protection behind you as a safety net. This is where your friendly credit card comes in. If you pay for your dental bill in Hungary with your credit card you will be automatically covered in case something goes wrong and the dentist does not rectify the situation. This cover is provided by your card issuer. The only stipulation is that the credit card purchase must be over £100 which invariably it always is when patients travel along way for treatment.

I highly doubt whether anybody has ever had to claim on their credit card after having received sub standard dental care in Hungary but it is nice to have that added protection and peace of mind.

If you do need to claim on your credit card then your card issuer will send you an application form. The credit card company will then give the other party (Your Hungarian Dentist) an opportunity to defend themselves and a decision will be made whether to make a part refund, full refund or whether to decline your application. If the dentist does not defend themselves at all then your credit card company will automatically refund. Apart from the added protection the credit card gives you it also saves you taking several thousands of pounds in cash to Hungary. The downside is that a handful of dentists in Hungary don’t have a card machine so please check before committing. Those that do may pass on the 3% credit card fee to you which is levied by the credit card merchant to the dentist.

Credit Cards……….Friend or Foe?
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