Dental Clinic Budapest

Dental Clinic Budapest

District VI

md1Our dental clinic in Budapest is a new “state of the art” facility with its own “in-house” dental technician laboratory which produces the most beautiful dental restorations possible from the best dental materials on the market.

We are situated near to the Nyugati Railway Station in the 6th District of Budapest. There are very good transportation links into the main sightseeing areas of the city.

The main attraction is the dental team who will care for you in every way. It is important that your dentist and his support staff are not only well qualified and experienced but also have the correct attitude towards patients and their dental problems. Our team properly consults with each patient before treatment starts and ensures that patients really understand the treatment plan and the full costs. At Hungarian Dental Travel we want to work with the best possible dentists who can continually deliver on patient expectations and provide the best possible care and a substantial guarantee.

Here at the clinic we have the latest technology for diagnosis with cosmetic dentists and dental surgeons specialising in dental implant restorations.

The treatment that we provide includes complex restorative dentistry incorporating dental implants, bone grafting procedures such as sinus lift and the placement of membranes. Our dentist will also provide dental crowns, bridges and denture stabilisation as well as the all on 4 concept.

It is not just important to provide good dental treatment but to ensure that our dentists can provide the best possible dental treatment in Budapest. Straightforward and complex procedures must be catered for.

Please take a look at our Virtual Tour of the clinic………

Dental Clinic Budapest
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