Dental Holiday in Hungary around Christmas time


When patients are considering travelling abroad for dental treatment, usually there are several thoughts going through their minds. “Will the dentist speak English?”, “Will it hurt?”, “Will anybody waiting for me at the airport on arrival?”, “What happens if I don’t get on with the dentist?”, “How if I will have to pay more than I thought?”… etc.
Very rarely will dental patients think about which season to chose, when travelling for dental treatment.
Starting Advent in Hungary is such an event! Visitors can wonder around the Christmas markets, tasting the mulled wine and all the special Christmas goodies.
My favourite dental destination for this time of the year is Gyor. This is a small town in the North-West region of Hungary. The center is very historic and the Winter Festival is great. Also, the train station is in the town center, just hop on a train and I can be in Vienna in no time. Well, in about an hour.
Vienna has a very special atmosphere and a world-wide known Christmas Market! Staying overnight and freely admiring the Spirit of Christmas will warm the heart of any Scrooge out there.

Bratislava, the Slovakian capital is also a short train ride away. Within an hour, tourists can admire the magical Castle quoter and the Christmas Fair.

And the third capital city dental tourists can easily visit is Budapest, of course. The Hungarian capital has been nicknamed the Paris of the East and at Christmas time, the city is even more romantic and special.
So, I can only recommend choosing Advent as the season to ravel to a Hungarian dentist. Finding flight tickets can be tricky as prices can go up nearer to Christmas, so planning is the key to keep costs down. Advent starts on the 27th of November this year, so will the Christmas markets.
Travelling by train within Hungary is generally cheap and upgrading to first class is not much more expensive.

The snow can be an issue, so worth checking if roads are clear before planning out the day. Some dental surgeries in Hungary do close just before Christmas and generally don’t open till about mid January. Before committing dental patients are advised to make sure, the surgery is open and can carry out the required treatment within the given time-frame.

In any case one of the best ways to relax is visiting a spa. These are normally hot water spring based public baths with outdoor bathing facilities, where dental patients can enjoy the nice, hot thermal water whilst being outside in the cold, ideally with snowflakes melting over their heads… Enjoy!

Dental Holiday in Hungary around Christmas time
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