Which Brand of Dental Implant is Better?


Many large companies go to an awful lot of time, effort and money to get their brand recognised by consumers and it is no different when it comes to dental implants. Many dentists in Budapest often comment that a patient has requested a certain brand of dental implant and they cannot understand why?

Maybe it is because the patient has researched beforehand and trusts a particular brand or maybe a friend has had a particular brand and the patient wants to have the same. Hungarian dentists find this very unusual because the dentist is supposed to be the one who recommends the best dental implant for the patient’s circumstances. In fact dental patient’s are also the consumers as well as patients and it is sometimes important that the patient has a say in which brand is used as the patient may have trust in the brand even if they have never tried it before. The dentist has the overall decision as your Hungarian dentist will not perform a medical procedure based on the wants of the patient if it is not right, however it is only wise to discuss this with the dentist if you are brand aware!

Several years ago dentists used to use a particular brand of dental implant because either they were mentored through their training on a particular brand or their dental technician could only work with a particular system. The industry is very different now and you will find many Hungarian dentists working both in Budapest and in rural Hungary using several different brands as one brand may not be able to meet the needs of the patient. This is not necessarily to satisfy the patients in terms of preferred brand but more to do with having a selection of dental implants to choose from to suit the patient’s circumstances.  In addition each manufacturer will provide their dental implants in different sizes and thread gauges. Price is important and you will often find dentists offering dental implants in price brackets.

What we have to remember is that all dental implants are medically approved and would not be allowed to be used if a particular brand is problematic.

We also have to be aware that the skill and experience of the dentist is an important factor in this as well. It can be the best dental implant in the world but if it is badly placed then the brand is irrelevant. Many dentists recommend based on their professional experience.

Dental Implants to be aware of are:

–          Nobel Biocare

–          Straumann

–          Astra Zeneca

–          Camlog

–          Bio Horizon

–          AB dental implants

–          Ankylos

–          Zimmer

–          Bicon

–          Life Core

There are many more dental implant brands on the market but your dentist should be the one to choose which is best for you. There is a lot to consider when deciding which dental implant is the best and your dentist is better qualified to decide.

Watch the video below to get more ideas.



Which Brand of Dental Implant is Better?
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