Dental Location Hungary

Dental Location Hungary

I am often asked which is the best dental location in Hungary. Is it better to see a dentist in Budapest or whether it is better to see a Hungarian dentist who has a dental practice outside of the capital city.

The British market has become very strong over the last 7 years and most British patients travel to Budapest to see the dentist over and above any other location in Hungary. This popularity does not mean that other locations should be passed over. We have a dental clinic in Budapest and also another clinic in Mosonmagyarovar with world class clinicians in both locations.

The rise of the low cost airline has really allowed the dental tourism industry to flourish in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Low cost airlines such as Easyjet, Wizzair, Jet2, SkyEurope (now in liquidation) and Ryanair have really developed the routes that they fly in recent years but it was not always like this. Patients from the United Kingdom and Ireland really only had the option of travelling to Budapest in the early years which gave Budapest dentists an early advantage in the war over patients. Dental clinics saw an increase in British patients flying into Budapest and demand created supply.

Although Budapest remains the most popular location by the British and Irish patients, dentists in Mosonmagyarovar and Gyor can be easily reached if you can fly into either Bratislava or Vienna. Sopron or Szombathely can be visited if you can get a flight to Graz in Austria.


There are some great dentists in Budapest but there are also some great dentists outside of the capital city also who are equally qualified and experienced. It really depends which airports are the best for you to use and whether you fancy a capital city location or a picturesque town to have your dental treatment?

Whether you choose a Budapest dentist or a dentist from another city make sure that your top priority is to find the dentist that you want to use first.


Dental Location Hungary
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