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dental materials budapestWe occasionally get asked what dental materials our Budapest dental clinic and technician laboratory use. We are always happy to be transparent in every way possible and the materials we use are no exception.

We are using the very best global materials available from the most well known brands.

Dental Clinic Materials

Local Anesthesia – Only the best!

  • Ultracain forte,
  • Lidocain,
  • Lidocain spray

Dental Implant Brands – The Best on the Market

  • Alpha Bio
  • Straumann

Bone Graft Material – Most Reputable Brands Available

  • Geistlich Bio-Oss
  • Alpha Bio Graft natural Bovine Bone

Bone Graft Membrane

  • B Braun Lyoplant


  • Ivoclar Vivadent e-max

Filling Materials – No Amalgam, Just the best quality safe white composite material

  • 3M Filtek Z250,
  • Evetric Ivoclar,
  • 3M Filtek Ultimat Flow

Temporary Bonding Adhesive

  • Temp Bond NE

Permanent Cement

  • GC Fuji Plus
  • Maxcem Elit


  • Our own Laboratory tailor made posts, or
  • PD Fibra Post Plus

Root Canal / Root Filling Material

  • AH Plus
  • M+W dental guttapercha
  • NaOCL 5%

Temporary Filling (medication) 

  • GC  Fuji

High Quality Impression Materials

  • 3M Express
  • Aquasil Ultra

Teeth Whitening Products

  • ADC Ultradent Opalescence

Technician Laboratory Materials

Zircon for Crown / Bridge Structure

  • Fino frame Zr

Metal for Crown / Bridge Structure

  • Bego Wirobond SG

Porcelain / Ceramic for both metal fused and zirconium crowns

  • Shofu
  • Noritake

Inlay / Onlay Ceramic

  • GC Gradia

Gold Alloy

  • Bego


  • Heraeus Kulzer Palavit


Using the best quality dental materials are really important when treating patients who have traveled along way. Having to travel back for treatment under the guarantee can be frustrating so we aim to ensure that the treatment, materials and the making of your new restoration is the best it can possibly be. The best materials along with quality care and a good manufacturing process is the key to a good experience with our dentists in Budapest.

Dental Materials Budapest
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