dental treatment cost budapest

Dental Treatment Cost Budapest – Armchair Shopping

Dental Treatment Cost Budapest – Armchair Shopping

How Much Will My Dental Treatment Cost?

Shopping for goods and services online is a growing phenomenon that has changed the way most people do business and the Dental Industry is no different. Why not shop for your new smile online? You can easily find out how much dental treatment will cost in Budapest.

laptop userEvery day we receive telephone calls and emails asking how much Dental Treatment will cost in Budapest, but quite often there is not enough information provided by the dental patient.

We are going to tell you what information you need to supply so that we can provide you with an accurate overview of what is needed to be done and how much it will cost.

There is really no real substitute for coming to the Dental Clinic, meeting the Dentist and have a full examination followed by a consultation but we understand that this is not always possible.

Come to Budapest for a Free Consultation

Depending on the Dental treatment needed you may need an x-ray so that the Dentist can see other dental structures.

For well over 10 years we have been helping people travel to Budapest for high quality and inexpensive dental treatment with the vast majority of our Dental Patients needing Dental Implants and Bridgework in Budapest. Most enquiries originate through the internet which makes sense because our patients are not local people who can just pop in for a dental consultation. It is a catch 22 situation because most patients want to know cost before they travel and providing an accurate cost without seeing you first is difficult.

We used to operate a dental consultation facility in London but the best dentist ultimately do not want or need to travel regularly so we had to make  decision to ask our patients to travel or see a second rate dentist in London. We chose the latter.

Usually a prospective patient will research online and contact us to ask how it all works and the likely cost involved. This is where it can get complicated because at this point the patient wants to gather information so that an informed decision can be made whether this is an affordable. For us the question is whether enough information has been supplied so that we can provide information such as the overall accurate cost and how many trips to Budapest are needed.

Enquiries come in several forms….

  • General enquiry with little supporting information – This is usually in the form of “I need implants in the upper and lower jaw”…How much does it cost? These are near impossible to answer accurately.
  • General Enquiry with information from existing dentist – “I have been to see my dentist and I need 8 dental implants in the upper and a bridge with 14 teeth. I have no teeth in the upper jaw. The last 5 was extracted 6 months ago. The dentist told me that I do not need bone grafting and I am a good candidate for dental implants.  How much does it cost?
  • General Enquiry with supporting panoramic x-ray – Here is my x-ray! How much does it cost for dental implants in the upper jaw.

The latter two examples are great! We have enough information at our fingertips not only to give a fairly accurate cost for treatment but the information also allows us to eliminate other forms of treatment. Cost, healing periods and the amount of trips needed to Budapest for treatment are all important factors which we like to supply in our quotations.

The first example is a little more difficult…..

  • We do not know the quality or quantity of bone making it impossible to evaluate whether the patient is a good candidate for dental implants in Budapest.
  • We also do not know if there are any existing teeth! Good natural teeth which do not need extracting can provide support for a new restoration. It is important not to assume that all teeth need extracting.
  • If teeth need extracting we need to establish whether there is infection, gum disease or inflammation. This will impact whether you need more or less trips to Budapest for dental implants.
  • Some people will need less implants than others when assessing for a full restoration.
  • There is a choice of crown/bridge material which needs to be discussed.
  • Some people will need less crown or bridge units on full mouth restorations depending on the size of the jawbone.
  • Bone Grafting may or may not be needed. Some patients need none at all whilst other need bone grafting in various forms. This can be some simple supportive bone grafting to more invasive forms such as sinus lift. Hungaria peta interaktif The cost varies depending on the type of bone grafting required and the amount of bone graft material we need to use during the operation. Small quantities of synthetic bone graft product is quite expensive per gram.

The more information you can supply the better we can help you with an accurate cost for treatment, how many trips to Budapest you will need and the length of treatment.

If you can get to our London or Budapest clinic for a consultation with the Dentist this is the best way forward. 

We offer treatment on both our London Clinic & Budapest Clinic.

Dental Treatment Cost Budapest – Armchair Shopping
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