“False teeth anybody?”- Please, say no


I think probably the Mail Online is my most reliable source for dental celeb gossips and health facts.

An article they published on the 6th of November 2011 states a shocking statistic:  “Around 11 million Britons have false teeth” (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2058028/How-cow-bone-remade-jaw-New-damage-caused-dentures.html)

Maybe they couldn’t afford dental implants, dental crowns and bridges for a long time and decided to put up with the inconvenience. But many of them had enough after long years of wearing false teeth, sacrificing social habits and the enjoyment of chewing food properly. The Mail describes how older dental patients, who have been using false teeth for a long time suffered substantial bone tissue loss. This can happen because of the long-term pressure on the gums and result in dentures that are no longer fit. Receding gums and disappearing bone tissue means no alternative treatment can be applied.

However there is a solution, which has been just announced in the UK. A simple surgical procedure that involves using crushed human or/and cow bone and the patient’s blood. I will not go into any more details, just in case you are reading this blog as a lunchtime entertainment, but you can read the full article on the Mail Online’s website.

You will also be able to read all the comments below. Quite an experience. One reader is simply disgusted by the costs of dental implants in the UK, saying a full set of teeth including the implants would cost £25000. The above mentioned bone booster treatment also might be new in the UK but Hungarian dentists have been using the method very confidently for a long time. So if you are one of the 11 million Briton, using uncomfy falsies and ready to have your bite back for less, get in touch with Hungarian Dental Travel

You don’t need to suffer, like ‘Benidorm’ star Crissy Rock, who is lined up for ‘I’m a Celebrity…’. The 53 year old star is so worried about her dentures and her ‘chewing abilities’ or shall I say disabilities she is planning to smuggle in a pair of replacement false teeth and fixing glue.

According to the Daily Star, a source said: “Crissy is seriously concerned that her teeth will fall out in the Aussie bush. If she is sent sky-diving into the camp then she doesn’t want them dropping 10,000 feet into the foliage. And if she’s got to eat those horrible animal bits she doesn’t want to suffer the embarrassment of having them tick in the food.” (http://www.hertfordshiremercury.co.uk/Whats-On-Leisure/Crissy-Rock-lined-up-for-Im-A-Celeb-378800.xnf?BodyFormat=2)

Well, Crissy, we are wishing you all the best, but if you have sense, get some dental implants and a proper set of teeth. It is affordable in Hungary!

Check out your options.

“False teeth anybody?”- Please, say no
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