Dental Pain

Don’t let your fear stopping you from the dentist! It could save your life.


There are many reasons why a patient would be scared of going to the dentist. Some just don’t want to spend that much money and rather put up with the occasional pain, discomfort, bad breath and the consequences of having an unattractive smile. But some of us developed a fear of pain, a dental phobia just as strong as the fear for life.

Reading the Mirror yesterday I came across an article that really shocked me though.

“Woman ignored killer tooth because of dentist fear” – says the headline. Basically a lady, obviously suffering from dental

Dental Pain

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phobia and a badly infected tooth at the same time (not a great combination) left the infected tooth for 3 weeks. It was a molar and she was due to have it removed, but didn’t act fast on it. Well, not fast enough. Amanda was well-known for putting off medical appointments, but this time it cost her life. At age only 23 she died of multiple organ failure due to the infection from the molar tooth and went into cardiac arrest on the way to the hospital.

We understand that fear and lack of funds can delay dental visits but the consequences can be way too serious.

Travelling to Hungary for dental treatments usually means no or very short waiting list, state of art dental surgeries, empathic dental professionals and more affordable options. So if you do your research right you might can put some money aside and reward yourself with some shopping…

Don’t let your fear stopping you from the dentist! It could save your life.
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