Greedy Birmingham dentists could be struck off


Reading the news today I came across this story on two Birmingham dentists facing serious consequences after defrauding patients and using tax payers money to their advantages.

“Hussain, aged 39, of College Road, Alum Rock, and fellow dentist Jaspal Bachada duped patients into paying inflated charges and then tried to cover up their scam through the “wholesale destruction” of records, Birmingham Crown Court heard.

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The problem is you go to a dentists, whether they are private or NHS because you need them. Going to the dentist should not be a luxury, but it is a must, a need. Sometimes the pain is demanding the attention; sometimes the problem is a lot more complex than an extraction. Yes, we all know it costs lots of money, but when you are sitting in that dental chair, you are very vulnerable.

Most dental patients would not even argue. What’s more, most dental patients don’t even question the prices. So those dentists, who are taking advantage should be punished accordingly.

Before dental patients commit to travel to Hungary for dental treatment, usually get a very detailed price-and treatment plan. Some surgeries also offer consultations in England or Ireland. And this is how it should be. A patient when paying is paying for a service and needs to understand the prices clearly. So even if your dentist is located in your own country don’t be shy and ask about the prices and justification before the treatment starts and also try to research prices, so you can make a decision if the offer is competitive enough.

Greedy Birmingham dentists could be struck off
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