Hollywood Smile

Camilla and Her Hollywood Smile!

Camilla and her Hollywood Smile

In 2007 an aspiring model contacted Hungarian Dental Travel to see if she was a candidate for a Hollywood smile involving zirconium crowns. She was prepared to travel to Hungary for dental treatment because she knew that she could not afford cosmetic dental care in the UK at that time.

Camilla was getting photo shot opportunities as a model but all of her pictures had one thing in common – she did not smile! She was getting regular assignments but felt that her teeth were holding her back.

Camilla went to see our dentist and the dentist talked about orthodontic treatment to correct the misalignment in her teeth with braces. It was the most ethical solution. Camilla had already tried braces unsuccessfully and it was something she did not want to try again as it would take her 2 years to achieve normality,  would cost her £10,000 and it did not work last time.

The dentist finally agreed to give Camilla a Hollywood smile which included 12 porcelain crowns and some root canal treatment. She flew out to Hungary for 1 week to see our dentist and came back to London with a new smile.

It has been over 9 years since Camilla traveled to see our dentist and she is still happy with the result.

Camilla also featured in “Love it” magazine


Love it magazine, Before & After Photo’s


Camilla and Her Hollywood Smile!
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