Hungary’s Pedigree For High Quality Dental Care


Unless you have been before, imaginations often run wild when the thought of travelling to Hungary for dental treatment crosses your mind. There are nightmarish thoughts of dentists running around fitting inferior crowns and treatment generally being substandard. It is just simply not true and once a patient has been to see their new Hungarian dentist for the first time their fears go away.

It is important to know that there are two different types of dentist in Hungary. One dentist caters for the overseas patient whilst other dentists offer a cheaper lower quality service for the locals who are less wealthy.

It goes without saying that those dentists who offer treatment to overseas patients have to offer more by way of service such as providing airport transfers and speaking English.

It is important to differentiate these two markets because British, Irish and American dental patients who are interested in travelling to Hungary find it difficult to understand that Hungary is the place to go for low cost, high quality dental treatment. Patients often have an image in their head of dentists working in 1920’s style dental clinics fitting veneers made from mahogany which actually could not be further from the truth.

Hungary became the dental tourism capital of the world after patients from Austria, Germany and Switzerland decided to travel to Hungary for dental treatment as the cost of treatment was much lower. The cost of living in Hungary is very low which is why treatment is a fraction of the cost of dental treatment at home. This is still true when the best quality materials are used.

Since this phenomenon started several decades ago dentists have either geared themselves up to seeing local patients or they have set themselves up for the much larger overseas market where patients have high expectations.

Local dentists deal with local patients who often cannot afford dental implants, fillings are still grey coloured amalgam and crowns have porcelain stuck just on the front rather than fully encasing the structure which surrounds the tooth.

When it comes to serving dental tourists, Hungary really leads the way when it comes to providing high quality private care to those that can afford it:

  • Dentists are incredibly well qualified, highly trained and motivated to providing the best care possible for patients who have travelled from other countries. They generally speak fluent Hungarian, German and English. Many now speak French or Italian!
  • Dental clinics tend to be modern “state of the art” facilities which are as good as the best clinics in your home country.
  • Materials are always the best brands which come with a manufacturers guarantee.
  • You will find the latest equipment in both the dental clinic and technician laboratory.

Dental Implants in the UK cost on average around £1,700 to £2,500 per implant whilst in Hungary you should expect the best possible care with the best branded implants for £500 to £700. The reason why it is cheaper is because the labour costs are less and not the quality of care.

I think that you will be delighted with the results if you travel to Hungary for your dental treatment.

Hungary’s Pedigree For High Quality Dental Care
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