Invisible tooth patch could be the end for decay!


by Hungarian Dental Travel

Hundreds of thousands of people travel to Hungary every year seeking lower priced dental care. Aside from the patients coming for cosmetic dental treatment or restoration after an accident, the bulk of patients coming to Hungary are seeking a solution after decay has set in and teeth are lost. These solutions often involve dental implants, crowns and bridges.

The tooth film is 0.04mm thick

Decay is a disease caused by bacteria eating food deposits left on your teeth. Acid is then produced as a by-product and the acid eats into the enamel causing cavities. The only way to combat this at present is by controlling your diet, regaular cleaning or when things get bad your dentist can extract the decayed tooth and replace with a dental implant or dental bridge unit.

There is some hope! Although still in development Japanese scientists have discovered a way to protect your teeth from bacteria and make them look whiter at the same time. The invention is a microscopically thin film “a tooth patch” made from hydroxyapatite which is the main mineral found in tooth enamel which is applied to individual teeth using lasers within a vacuum.

Once this very flexible and durable ultra thin film has been applied to your teeth the patch becomes invisible and will protect your teeth from harmful bacteria as well as repair already damaged enamel. The film is initially breathable to allow air and moisture to escape during the application process but candidates for this type of treatment will have to wait a full day after application before the patch has fullt bonded with the tooth.

Researchers say that it could be as long as five years before the product becomes available but surely it will be worth the wait. We hope that it is sooner!

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Invisible tooth patch could be the end for decay!
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