Is it the recession, dental tourism or is it something else?


After having a wonderful but rather fast moving weekend settling in for the week is not that easy… Anyway, as usual I started my Monday morning searching for dental news, catching up with the World.

The first headlines hitting me were the ones regarding to dentists in Scotland. The core of the news as follows: “New figures show dentists working in Scotland have seen their pay fall by almost 7 per cent in the space of a year.” (in the Scottsman).

It is about the obvious, dental patients are either putting off their treatments or looking into alternative solutions, as the prices of dental treatments are just simply too high. One reader commented how dental care is now a luxury and paying £100 for a check up and a filling is unaffordable.

But where are we going from here? It is only speculation, but this situation can easily lead Scottish dentists to raise prices even more as they are referring the significant drops in incomes in 2009/10 compared to the previous year. Surely, this would drive more dental patients away.

Well, one thing is sure. Putting off necessary dental treatment will catch up and often cost an awful lot more than it would have of spotted or treated at an early stage. We saw in the past how infected teeth caused serious health problems, even death and dental implants will be needed to replace long-neglected teeth.

A spokesman from the Scottish Government reassured the readers, they have implemented big changes: “We are investing significantly in NHS general dental services in Scotland and as a result we are seeing a substantial improvement in oral health, and an increase in both the dental workforce and the number of patient registrations.”

Anyway, if you live in Scotland and in need of good quality, complex dental treatments travelling to Hungary for it might could be a really great option for you. Now you can fly into Bratislava from Edinburgh and see some of the Hungarian dentists in close-by dental travel locations Mosonmagyarovar or Gyor.


Is it the recession, dental tourism or is it something else?
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