“Kisalfold Presztizs Award” goes for a dentist in 2012

The owner of a huge dental surgery “Solydent” in Gy?r, Hungary has just won a recognised regional business award in January 2012. Dr Peter Solymosi, who started building up his dental business somewhat 20 years ago, also owns a hotel, a restaurant, a bar, a spa, a launderette service and dental technician laboratories, emphasised the importance of constant business developments and hard work, involving long hours, saying: “In business you can never sit back”.

(Source: infogyor.hu, http://infogyor.hu/hir_olvas/permalink:rangos-gazdasagi-elismeresben-reszesult-a-solydent-fogorvosi-rendelo-foorvosa-2012-01-18-154000/)

“Kisalfold Presztizs Award” goes for a dentist in 2012
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