Lindsay Lohan’s Public torture over her deteriorating teeth


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During the last few weeks Lindsay Lohan was in the cross-fire over her teeth…

Well, looking at her photos made at the premiere of THQ’s Saints Row: The Third, I must say: time is ticking away fast. Or is it really just her teeth making her look a lot older?

The press and the public just could not get over the state of her teeth. Well, to me it is always disappointing to see damaged teeth. Especially, coming from the “rich and famous”, however her agent comments left many wondering if she actually had the funds for a smile makeover…. I thought, in this case she could always fly to Hungary to use a low cost but high quality dental surgery. Actually, we did come across few patients in the past, which travelled to Hungary for ultra thin veneers in secret, only to tell friends and family they went to Los Angeles to see a celebrity dentist….

Well, with Lindsay apparently refusing to pay her $90,000 limousine bill (reports on TMZ last week), she might should consider a quick fix dental trip to Budapest.

Lindsay Lohan’s Gone Full Hooker, Lindsay Lohan’s Teeth Are Rotting Away”, “Lindsay Lohan Needs a Toothbrush 


Headlines must have made her realise how important a great smile was, as a week later she turned up with a lot brighter shade of teeth…

I only hope, the bright smile is not just on the surface.

Lindsay Lohan’s Public torture over her deteriorating teeth
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