Make the most of your dental trip

Dutch dental patients expect the price of dental treatments to rise rapidly.

After the Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations many of us decided to commit to a resolution. Some of us will be thinking to finally sort our teeth out, but some of us will be put off by the costs of private dental treatments int he UK, US and many other European countries…

Those Dutch dental patients, who wish to have their teeth fixed will have to be disappointed, as fees are on a sharp rise- Dutch News reports
Hungary has been the most popular dental tourism destination int he last decade and the highly competitive prices will support its status for many years coming.

Especially now it is worth it, as the Hungarian Forint is suffering so badly on the International currency market. Patients travelling now will get a lot more out of their dental holiday, although the price of the dental treatments are fixed in GBP but as the additional costs, like restaurant costs, entertainment and shopping (optician, clothes, beauty treatments) will be a lot cheaper against the Euro and the GBP.


So if anybody wishes to take advantage of this currant situations, please e-mail or call our new number 0207 193 1384 (in case the line is busy patients can leave message, we always call back)

Make the most of your dental trip
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