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Quality & Accreditation

This dental clinic has a truly extraordinary array of accreditations and recognition for care quality.

  • Ranked in the top ten in the WORLD for the last four years by GCR
  • Certified in March 2018 by Temos  – fewer than 100 clinics have this worldwide.
  • TÜV certification
  • DNV GL conforming to the standard of ISO 9001.
  • Deutscher Medical Wellness Verband

North west hungary

Ranked 5th in the world in 2018!

Located a stone’s throw from the beautiful cities of Vienna and Bratislava, near the centre of Mosonmagyarovar, the heart and origin of dental tourism in Hungary, this surgeon run clinic has been treating patients from all over the world for more than two decades. The lead surgeon, Frank, is not only highly accomplished and skilled but among the most approachable and patient-friendly dental surgeons you could ever wish to meet.

  • All the dentists and surgeons are fluent English speakers. Frank is a native German speaker, and also speaks Russian, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese , Slovak, Czech, Spanish. Chinese and Korean are also spoken here!
  • Frank opened his first clinic in 1985, 33 years ago. His hobbies include scuba diving, under water photography, mountain biking, adventure traveling. Once a month he treats local under-privileged children for free under the aegis of the local “pelda” club charity, and has spent time as a volunteer medical doctor in Brazil and Congo.
  • The clinic has recently been refurbished, doubling the surgical space to 380 square meters.
  • Frank has invested heavily in the most advanced equipment and techniques including lasers for soft tissue treatments, “painless drill-less” cavity preparation (KCP uses a high pressure jet of fine powder and water), and a milling machine to prepare Cerec inlays and crowns immediately in-house based on 3D digital impressions.
  • For patients with anxiety, 3-D video goggles are available during the treatment with Bose noise reduction. There is a wake-up room for patients who have been sedated with a massage chair provided.
  • There are separate waiting areas upstairs and down, as well as a separate space for children. Refreshments and entertainment are provided (including Netflix and Sky in English).
  • A separate consultation room has a flat screen where videos can be played to explain procedures.
  • There is wheelchair access to a treatment room on the ground floor and ample free parking. Airport transfers from Bratislava are in a brand new VW Touran.

Investment in Technology

Frank has not only invested heavily in the fabric of the clinic to give his patients a more welcoming and comfortable experience, he has chosen to keep up with technological developments in dentistry and oral surgery which have huge benefits for his patients.

Frank has a huge interest in lasers and between 1992 and 2000 was the representative in Germany for the American Dental Laser and the Luxar laser. Lasers are still a large part of his methods today but what does that mean for the patient?

KCP Kinetic Cavity Preparation or Air Ablation.

It is often referred to as ‘drill less dentistry’. It uses a flow of tiny particles carried in a jet of air to remove decay and prepare teeth for veneers, fillings and crowns. In the past a drill would have been used which resulted in heat and vibrations, which is what caused the pain. Using the KCP reduces this so much that there is little or no pain felt and no local anaesthetic is needed. An added benefit is that the sound the KCP makes is completely different to a drill so that those of us who experience anxiety from the drilling sound should feel more comfortable and relaxed.

ND:YAG laser.

This is used as a defence against periodontal disease but is also used for frenectomies, lichen removal,mouth ulcers, biopsies etc.. The tip of the laser is pressed against the diseased area and it is gently vapourised. The laser also helps to produce fibrin , which is what a blood clot is made of, so bleeding is minimal. Using the ND:YAG laser is therefore much less invasive and uncomfortable than using a scalpel. It is also used in cosmetic dentistry where it allows accurate design of the gums around the crowns and bridges and also allows the taking of precise impressions so that prosthetics fit perfectly.

Holmium Laser.

The Hungarian Dental Travel clinic has the only Holmium laser in Hungary. This laser is part of the YAG family.


Impressions are taken by a tiny digital camera which can reach even the back of the mouth. These are used to create an accurate 3D computer image of the crown . When the dentist is satisfied with the image it will be sent to the CEREC machine. A block of high quality ceramic is placed into the machine and the crown will be milled while you wait.

The benefit to the patient is that your trip can be substantially shortened. Crowns normally take 5 days to make but using the Cerec machine will shorten this to 1 day, saving on accommodation costs and also time away from home and work.

Apollo IE Digital Impression

Digital impressions are better tolerated by patients who can gag on traditional tray methods especially when making a full arch prosthesis. It also makes the sending of the impressions to the lab instantaneous saving you and the dentist time.


Nicknamed the ‘Wand’ this fountain pen like device delivers tiny amounts of local anaesthetic to precisely the place it is needed. There are many benefits of this to the patient such as

  • Other parts of your face, tongue, cheeks don’t also become numb,
  • The needle is short small making it less intimidating,
  • The delivery of the anaesthetic involves much less pressure so the injections don’t hurt,
  • Less potential for a gag reflex as the device is quite small,
  • It can easily reach hard to reach places due to the option of having an angled needle,
  • It starts working immediately so you don’t have to wait 5 mins anticipating the procedure.

Piezo Ultrasonic devices

Frank has 2 different devices for endodontic and periodontic work. The endodontic device uses ultrasound to perform root canals and remove posts and cores. The opening to a canal can be quite difficult to see, especially if it has become calcified, and this device makes it easier opening up the orifice. It is also used to loosen ill fitting crowns by placing the tip on the crown and letting it vibrate. All this means for you is that these procedures are gentler.

The periodontic device uses low frequency ultrasound to precisely cut mineralised hard material such as teeth and bone whilst leaving the soft tissue intact. This greatly reduces the amount of bleeding during surgery and also reduces the healing period. This technology can be used in a wide range of procedures such as impacted tooth extraction and sinus lifts.

Smile Vision Technology

Our Hungarian Dental Travel Clinic has invested in advanced software and a photo studio. If you would like to transform your smile into the one you have always wanted then photographs will be taken and uploaded. Your smile will then be digitally altered on screen so that you can see exactly what it will look like before you decide on a particular shade, size or shape of tooth. It is essential that the smile you choose suits your face and this is the perfect way to check this. You would be forgiven in believing that choosing veneers and crowns is easy but it isn’t, although it is a lot of fun! Did you know that there are 12 different designs you can choose from? These create different effects such as ‘Aggressive’, ‘Dominant’, ‘Youthful’, ‘Softened’ and ‘Mature’.

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