Dental Extractions

Many people who travel to Hungary for restorative dentistry have to deal with teeth that need extracting before the restoring process can really begin. Most commonly the teeth that need extracting are diseased, infected or damaged beyond repair.

Although diseased, infected or damaged teeth are the main reason why extractions are necessary before dental treatment is carried out in Hungary there are other reasons why teeth may need to be extracted:

–          Wisdom teeth (third molar) removal

–          Teeth that block other teeth coming through

–          In orthodontics to create more space

When you have teeth extracted you then have to deal with the fact that you now have missing teeth and you should look at ways to replace those missing teeth.

Extractions and Dental Implants

Sometimes the placement of a dental implant will be planned in the same location as the extracted tooth. If there is infection or disease then this has to go away before the implant is placed otherwise the new implant will probably fail. Expect to wait 8 to 12 weeks or even longer for the infection or disease to go away and the socket to heal before the dental implant is placed.

Sometimes when a tooth is extracted the dentist will place a dental implant immediately after extraction. This can reduce the amount of time it takes to complete your overall treatment plan. The tooth must be free of disease, infection and inflammation for this to be considered.

Dental Extractions and Bridges

When a tooth is extracted the gum area around the extracted tooth is swollen. If the dentist takes impressions after extraction then it may not be accurate. It may be prudent for the dentist to let the area heal for a few weeks before proceeding.

Dental Extractions Before Travelling

It may be prudent to have the extraction done in the UK before you travel. Perhaps the dental clinic in Hungary also has a clinic in the UK where this can be done. Maybe you will have to ask your regular dentist to extract the tooth. It all depends on cost and the complexity of the case.

If dental implants are being placed then the dentist must extract the tooth in such a way that roots are removed from the jawbone and that the bone is preserved. Any dentist should be able to perform a simple extraction but surgical extractions must be performed by experienced dentists or even dental surgeons as bone must be preserved and not damaged.

Sometimes it is worth it to go to Hungary for your extractions, especially if surgical extractions are required. It also gives you a chance to see the dentist at the Hungarian clinic and generally see the high quality of the service.

The dentist will also be able to have temporary teeth made for you which will last until the bridge or crown is made.

Dental Extractions
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