Many fillings are placed in the mouths of British and Irish dental patients travelling to Hungary for dental treatment.

A filling is usually required when a tooth needs restoring after decay has caused tooth damage. The filling brings back tooth shape and function once the infected area is cleaned.

Travelling to Hungary for one or two fillings is not really cost effective which is why this procedure is usually done alongside other treatments when restoration treatment is carried out. Some dental patients travel especially for this treatment when a lot of amalgam filling removal is involved or an unusually large amount of fillings are required.


Amalgam Fillings

Old Mercury Fillings

A before photo of a patient with old metal fillings

Hungarian dentists will not place amalgam fillings in a foreign patient’s mouth. This is because the patient will have travelled across borders for the best private care possible and amalgam is not considered the best solution. Instead British and Irish patients travel to Hungary to the have amalgam fillings safely removed and safer more aesthetic solution put in its place.

There is a protocol that a dentist should use when removing amalgam fillings as the mercury vapour should not be breathed in and mercury particles should not be swallowed. To follow this protocol the dentist should have the equipment to support this.



White Composite Dental Fillings

An after photograph of a patient with new white composite fillings

This type of filling are the most popular type nowadays and are often referred to as white fillings. White composite fillings are strong and durable and can be polished to achieve a good aesthetic result making the filling look like your natural tooth. A white filling is a mixture of glass and resin.

Glass Ionomer Fillings

Although not quite as aesthetically pleasing as a white composite filling there is a need for this type of filling in certain circumstances. Unlike the white composite filling there is less shrinkage and the filling gives off fluoride which helps prevent caries.

In Hungary white fillings range in price depending on the size of the area to be filled. Small fillings are around the £50 to £60 mark with larger fillings costing around £90 to £100 per fillings. Medium sized fillings are around £75 approximately. The cost of fillings in the UK can easily double if not more, so whilst you are having restoration work done in Hungary you should seriously consider having new or replacement fillings.

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