Implant Supported Full Circle Bridges

Patients who have very few teeth or perhaps no teeth at all may consider a full mouth restoration involving a full circle bridge to bring back their smile. This may involve dental implants which will support a porcelain bridge.

The dentist will inspect the jawbone and any teeth that you have to assess suitability and longevity.

The dentist must then plan which teeth can support a full circle bridge and how many dental implants are needed. Although you will have had twenty eight teeth plus four wisdom teeth originally the dentist must decide whether each bridge will have twelve or fourteen teeth. It all depends on the size of the mouth and what would look natural. Sometimes the only way to fit a fourteen unit bridge is to make the teeth very small which would look unnatural so the dentist may opt for a twelve unit bridge.

Whilst a mixture of natural teeth and dental implants can be used the dentist must calculate how many implants are needed. Patients who have no teeth at all will probably have eight to ten dental implants to support a full circle bridge.

The procedure will involve the dentist assessing the situation before placing the dental implants. This first trip will last just a few days. Once the dental implants are placed there may be a healing period of three to six months. Once the healing period is complete you will make a second trip to Hungary to have your bridge made over a five day period.

This procedure is a very popular treatment in Hungary

Implant Supported Full Circle Bridges
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