Root Canal Treatment

Endodontic Treatment

Root canal treatment often means that a tooth can be saved with this treatment

One thing that I have learned over the years is that Hungarian dentists are very good at saving teeth. It is just in their nature and they seem to have a sixth sense about when a tooth can be saved and when it is a lost cause and needs extracting. If your Hungarian dentist suggests root canal treatment, then consider it good news because it means that the tooth can be saved.

Once again, British and Irish patients generally don’t travel all the way to Hungary just for root canal treatment, sometimes referred to as Endodontic treatment. British and Irish patients who have endodontic treatment in Hungary are usually there having a significant amount of dental work carried out and root canal treatment is part of the overall dental plan.

A root canal treatment is normally carried when a tooth has become infected and the area is perhaps red and swollen.

A natural tooth is held in place by roots which anchor into the jawbone. A single natural tooth can have more than one root and the root canal system contains pulp which carries nerves and blood vessels.

Through tooth decay or trauma, bacteria can enter the root canal system and cause swelling and discomfort. If the bacterium continues to develop then the discomfort will become worse and in extreme cases an abscess can develop leading to more problems.

In order to save the tooth a root canal treatment can be done if caught in time. The dentist will remove the bacteria and fill the area before sealing. Any redness or swelling should heal after a period of time.

Root Canal Infection

Roots often become infected and painful before root canal treatment is needed

Root Canal Treatment
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