Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure often carried out by dentists in Hungary which often compliments other procedures that the dentist has performed. An example may be that a patient is having crowns or bridges on the upper arch only and the patient wants to have the lower teeth whitened to match.

There is no advantage in travelling to Hungary just for this procedure as it is not a treatment which is significantly less expensive than similar treatment in the UK, Ireland or U.S. The main reason why dental treatment is less expensive in Hungary is down to the low cost of living which mainly includes labour and the cost of running a clinic. The more labour involved the bigger the gap between Britain, Ireland, USA and other financially developed countries compared to Hungary. The labour involved in teeth whitening is small so the price gap is minimal if anything at all.

A Good Cleaning By A Dentist

It is quite common for patients to want a whiter smile after prolonged staining by smoking, drinking red wine, tea, coffee and carbonated drinks like Cola.

A professional clean by a dentist to remove scale and staining can make a real big difference. A good scale and polish is needed anyway when you have teeth whitening so why not have it done first and see if it makes a satisfactory difference. If it does then there is no need for laser teeth whitening or bleaching.

Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser Teeth Whitening London

Teeth whitening available at our London dental clinic

Laser teeth whitening is perhaps the most common professional whitening procedure. Big brand names like “zoom” and “britesmile” have made this treatment popular through clever marketing.

Firstly a patient will be assessed and the dentist will decide whether the patient is a good candidate for teeth whitening.  If the patient is deemed to be a good candidate then the patient will be prepared for treatment.

Treatment begins with a professional scale and polish by the dentist or hygienist to remove unwanted stains and debris. The next step involves a peroxide based gel to be applied to your teeth. This gel is medically approved gel to be used only by a dental professional. This is not comparible to the gel supplied in kits which can be purchased over the internet. The dentist may use a barrier to avoid this gel touching your gums. After this the gel will be activated by a special light and your teeth will start to become whiter.

The dentist may invite you to have more sessions as teeth whitening needs to be done safely and effectively. Some dentists prefer to combine laser teeth whitening with chair side bleaching kits for maximum effectiveness.

Bleaching Kits

There are two types of bleaching kits as follows:

1)      Bleaching kits bought on the internet or at your local chemists.

2)      Chair side bleaching kits supplied by your dentist

It goes without saying that bleaching should only be done under the supervision of a qualified dentist. Firstly the dentist will assess you as bleaching can damage teeth. The dentist may deem you as a suitable candidate for teeth bleaching or the dentist may decide to deal with some of your dental problems first.

Chairside Dental Bleeching Kits

We can offer both laser and chair-side teeth whitening

The dentist will take impressions of your teeth and make a customised tray which when filled with the bleaching agent will fit around your teeth. The dentist will decide how strong the bleaching agent should be and will give you precise instructions for maximum safe results.

Bleaching kits bought in a chemist may be safe but will not be as effective as bleaching kits supplied by your dentist. When you purchase teeth bleaching kits over the internet you cannot guarantee what you are sent is safe. If you have to buy a kit then buy from a reputable chemist who will supply legal and approved bleaching kits.

Sometimes your dentist will mix bleaching with laser for maximum long term results with advice on regular top ups.

Teeth Whitening
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