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Itemised Prices

Crowns (temporary included)
Porcelain Fused to (hypo-allergenic) Metal 230
Zirconium from 390
Emax (all ceramic) 450
Bone Graft per area 120 to 480
Sinus Lift including all materials 500
Alpha Bio (including abutment) 720
Straumann (Megagen) complete 860
Other brands Enquire
General Dentistry
3D CT Scan 150
Panoramic X-ray 50
Composite filling (small/med/large) 75 to 145
Amalgam filling removal 200
Filling removal and replacement with BPA free 220
Gradia inlay/onlay 220
Root Canal 60
Simple Extraction 60
Surgical Extraction 120
IV Sedation first hour 300
General Anaesthetic (Budapest only) 555

Cosmetic Dentistry in Budapest


full mouth cosmetic makeovers

In addition to her considerable expertise in implantology, having placed more than 18,000 implants, Renata specialises in full mouth cosmetic make-overs and has used her artistic eye to produce phenomenal results using veneers and crowns.

cosmetic dentistry pricing (eur)

Composite Veneer 267
Emax Veneer 411
Pure Zirconium Crown 440
Pure Emax Crown 452

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