Pricing & Finance

The main driving force for British, Irish and American patients seeking high quality dental care in Hungary is purely down to cost in the majority of cases. Due to the lower cost of living in Hungary, dental treatment is less expensive than at home

Prices vary considerably between the UK, Ireland and Hungary and so does quality, but expect to save somewhere in the region of 60% to 80% if you travel to Hungary for dental treatment compared to treatment in the UK, Ireland or the U.S.

Payment Methods 

Our clinics will accept cash, debit card and credit card payments as well as bank transfers. It is always best to let us know your planned payment method before you start treatment.


Our clinics can accept cash payments if that is your preferred payment method.

If you are travelling from a popular country such as Great Britain, Ireland or the U.S, then the clinic may already have sent you an estimate or price list in your own local currency. If this is the case then you may be able to pay the clinic in Euro’s, Pound Sterling or US Dollars rather than having to suffer the instability of international exchange rates.

Debit / Credit Card

We will accept most major debit and credit cards.

Debit card – No Charge

Credit card – 3% charge

Amex – 4% charge

Credit cards offer protection on purchases over £100.


Dental finance is popular in the UK as dentists can hide the first years interest charges within the cost of your treatment quite easily. This is because treatment costs are often ridiculously high.

We aim to keep our prices low so do not offer dental finance.

Dental finance is a specialist loan which can sometimes be bought through the dental clinic. The main  advantage of dental finance is that you don’t have to visit your local bank manager and confess why you want the money. It is not such a big issue now that we can arrange loans on the internet.

Dental Finance is similar to a normal loan except that it is often bought through the dental practice where you have treatment.

If you are considering financing your treatment from the proceeds of a loan it is worth searching on-line for the best rate.




Pricing & Finance
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