Should Dental Veneers Be On The Menu?


A dental veneer is a very thin shaped porcelain or ceramic material which is bonded to the front teeth mainly to improve a patient’s appearance. Veneers are made by dental technicians and often used by dentists to improve appearance if patient’s have crooked teeth, protruding teeth, damaged teeth or unsightly gaps.

Although many people travel from the UK and Ireland to Hungary for a wide range of successful dental treatments such as dental implants, crowns, bridges and denture stabilisation, there is an argument whether veneers should be made available for overseas patients who travel to Hungary for treatment.

Whilst dental veneers certainly have a place in modern cosmetic dentistry the advantages must be weighed up against the disadvantages, especially where dental tourism is concerned.

The advantage of veneers is that minimal preparation is required to the front teeth. This means only a small amount of the front tooth surface is removed to accommodate the new veneer.

The disadvantage for patients is that veneers are brittle. This means that you have to eat with caution and no biting down on hard foods unless you are prepared to accept the consequences. If a veneer breaks or chips then you will have to have them replaced. A veneer can also fall off at any time and be sure it will fall off at the worst time.

Most Hungarian dentists will not offer veneers to overseas patients as the potential for bad feeling between the patient and dentist is high when this type of treatment is carried out. There are dentists in Hungary who will provide you with veneers if you are a good candidate but it will probably come with caution. If you insist on getting veneers in Hungary these dentists will spell it out to you that veneers are not a good idea unless you have them done nearer home and no guarantee will be given if you proceed.

Dental crowns are often used by dentists instead of veneers because they are stronger and will give the same aesthetic advantages. Crowns do require the whole tooth to be prepared rather than just the front of the teeth but they will last longer, require much less maintenance and a guarantee will be given.

The potential for breakage really should spell out to any prospective patient that veneers should really be done by your local dentist. If maintenance is required then it is not a 2000 mile round trip to have them repaired.

Hungary is a Mecca for dental implants, crowns, bridges and stabilised dentures as well as general dentistry.


Should Dental Veneers Be On The Menu?
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