Broken Teeth

Broken Teeth

Broken Teeth

Chipped Tooth

Broken teeth is something that needs immediate attention as the cause of broken teeth needs to be found. if the tooth is to be saved then nerve damage must be prevented.

Our Budapest dentists help many people each week with people who have broken teeth, mainly due to accident or injury but also people with aged teeth that have become weaker over time as well as decayed teeth that just break

Broken teeth can often be repaired using a variety of techniques such as dental bonding, crowns and bridges. If the tooth is broken at the gum line then the dentist may decide that a post/core can be placed as a way of preventing a tooth extraction so that a crown can be accommodated.

There are many reasons why dental patients travel to Hungary for the restoration of a broken tooth:

–          Accident or Injury

–          Biting hard on food

–          Teeth weaken over a period of time

–          Tooth Decay

–          Gum Disease

Your new dentist in Budapest, Hungary can help with your broken teeth by restoring the broken tooth with bonding techniques or a porcelain crown. If several teeth are broken then individual crowns can be considered or even bridgework. If the tooth is also infected or badly decayed then the dentist may advise extracting the broken tooth. This then becomes a missing tooth and a dental implant and a single crown can be placed.

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A crown is often used to restore a broken tooth when a tooth is extensively damaged or split. Sometimes a root canal treatment is necessary if the fracture or break has reached close to the nerves. Dental Veneers can also be considered on front teeth with systems such as Emax.

Inlays or crowns are used to restore the cusp of a tooth if the biting surface is damaged as well as fillings.

Whatever your situation with broken teeth is then our dentist can help whether it is a simple bonding technique or more serious cases involving extraction and dental implants.

If you have one broken tooth then you must consider whether you will save enough money on your dental care in Budapest, compared to a dentist at home once travel and accommodation has been taken into account.

We normally see patients who have several broken teeth and need reconstruction after a car accident, motorcycle accident or a sporting accident such as rugby, cricket, martial arts or boxing. We also see patients who have several broken and missing teeth due to decay and gum disease.

Broken Teeth
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