Decayed Teeth

Decayed Teeth

Decayed Teeth

Severely Decayed Teeth

Decayed Teeth are common in adults and happens when bacteria compromises the hard layer of enamel on your teeth which can lead to tooth loss. Bacteria comes into contact with the sugar on your teeth and then turns into acid which erodes the enamel on your teeth. Decay forms and the dentist will have to fully remove the decay before restoring the tooth.

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Once the decay has been removed the dentist can restore the tooth with a white composite filling material. This will restore the tooth and stop further decay from the build up of food particles.


On back teeth gold or porcelain inlays can be used as an alternative to a composite filling material. This is a more expensive alternative to a composite filling but it is more accurate as it is made by a technician from an impression.


If the decay is severe and the tooth cannot be restored because the structure of the tooth is compromised then a crown may be an option. Dental crowns are very strong

Root Canal Treatment

Bacteria can spread deep into the tooth which then gets infected once it comes into contact with the pulp. In this instance the dentist can perform a root canal treatment which removes the infection and an inert material is used to replace the pulp. This is a way of saving a tooth.


Decay can be so severe that the only option is for the tooth or teeth to be extracted. Once a tooth has been extracted you must consider ways to replace that missing tooth. If you have several missing teeth then consider going to Hungary to have them replaced with either dental implants or dental bridges.

Decayed Teeth
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