Dental Phobia

Dental Phobia

Dental Phobia

Dental Phobia Patient

Dental Phobia is a persistent fear of the dentist or a dental situation. It can range from being a slight anxiety to a full blown fear where the patient will go to any lengths to avoid the dentist.

The phobia can be a fear over visiting the dentist or it can be a fear of the needle or the actual treatment.

Many dental phobia patients travel to Hungary for treatment for several reasons and it is not just the lower cost of treatment which is attractive. Going to a different country for dental treatment sometimes creates a psychological shift which allows a patient to go ahead with treatment. Most phobia patients find this helpful. Getting on a plane and flying away from their own environment is a big help. Our Dentist also has a very good reputation among dental phobia patients. His style of patient interaction and pain management can often avoid the need for heavy sedation.

Some patients insist on certain types of sedation, anaesthesia and pain relief to help them get over the fear of having dental treatment.

The way the dentist interacts with the patient is very important. A kind gentle nature, keeping the patient informed about what is happening is an important part.

Many people think that having dental implants is very painful because the implant is placed into the bone. This causes some of the fear because of the unknown. If a good quality anesthetic is used the placement of a dental implant is relatively quick and completely painless.  Having dental crowns or dental bridges is also painless with the aid of a good anesthetic and all of the preparation can be done fairly quickly.

Dentists can still offer IV sedation with the aid of a qualified anesthetist or even a calming tablet such as Diazepam, Alprazolam or Xanax which can deal with the anxiety and place you into a calmer state of mind.

You can discuss your needs with us before you come for treatment.


Dental Phobia
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