Missing Teeth

Missing Teeth

Missing teeth should be replaced as soon as possible with a robust dental option such as dental crowns or bridges which are supported by natural teeth, dental implants or a combination of both. If you have no teeth at all then denture stabilisation or a full circle bridge supported by dental implants is also a consideration.

missing teeth

Missing Teeth

Quite often dental patients seeking dental treatment in Budapest have lost teeth which need to be replaced as soon as possible. Although there are other reasons why a person may have a missing tooth the most common reasons why dental patients travel to Hungary for tooth replacement is:

–          Tooth Decay leading to tooth extraction

–          Gum Disease leading to tooth removal

–          Age

–          Drug Abuse

–          Accident or Injury


Dental patients travelling to Hungary for the treatment of missing teeth often seek the following remedies but it is the dentist who will advise you on the best solution:

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It is very important to replace missing teeth:

Appearance – For most people, appearance is an important reason to replace a missing tooth. It is not just the missing tooth that looks unsightly but bone loss can occur in the region of the missing tooth and facial muscles can collapse over time.

Bite – If there are teeth either side of a missing tooth those teeth will drift into the space causing your bite to change. A change in bite can cause problems when chewing food.

Bone Loss – Lost teeth causes the jawbone to shrink. Dental implants can stop this.

Tooth Decay – Food particles can get into the space causing tooth decay if the area cannot be kept adequately clean. This causes more tooth loss.

Heart Disease – Studies indicate that there is a relationship between cardiovascular disease and the number of teeth that you have missing.

Missing Teeth
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