The sparkling Hollywood smile

Steven Tyler is the next celebrity in the dentist’s chair

The sparkling Hollywood smile


Oh, dear! I can’t get my head around all the celebrity dental news this past weeks and now one of my favourites of all times, Steven Tyler get his teeth knocked out…. In the shower of course…. Slipping on the mat- I guess.

According to the country’s biggest newspaper ABC the 63 years old Mr Tyler slipped in the bathroom and was rushed into hospital just before he was due to perform with his band Aerosmith. Well, the concert got cancelled and the star ended up with several cuts and had to say good-bye to 2 of his teeth.

I can’t wait to see them replaced…

Will it be crowns for the superstar or implant solutions?

I really hope the two teeth are not his front ones… would be such a shame after achieving that beautiful, sparkling Hollywood smile….


Please, see the video report below.






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