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Vampire fangs! Anybody?

This week has gone so fast! Normally, I do write at least 2 blogs a week but not this time. Spring is in the air and I spent most of my time outdoors enjoying the weather.

Anyway, I woke up fairly early this morning and decided to read the news on-line. I was shocked to say the least, when I saw the “vampire woman” on Yahoo’s site… http://uk.news.yahoo.com/vampire-woman-helps-domestic-abuse-victims-111221124.html

This Mexican lady had to suffer abuse for many years and then turned herself into a vampire lookalike. Now she is committed to raise awareness for women suffering from abuse in similar circumstances.

I was reading how she had fangs dentally implanted into her mouth… This is not the first time I came across this. Few years ago we had a dental enquiry from a beautiful model asking if any of our dentists in Hungary would be happy to turn her teeth into fangs. Strange request, I know. Mostly Hungarian dentists would not do such a thing. Not because they are not up for individual request but because they take their profession very seriously and most often say the dental profession is a healthcare and not a fashion business. But our dentist decided to talk to the lady to find out how serious she is about her request and if she is aware of the long term impact and consequences. The patient travelled to Hungary for the dental consultation, spent 3 days in there and came back certain about her decision. In a month time she decided to fly out to Hungary, Budapest and see the dentist this time for treatment and not only consultation. The dentist in Hungary fitted high quality dental veneers, shaped like vampire fangs. In only 1 week time  her teeth were ready and ever-since she has been enjoying wearing them. Few months after this event she recommended Hungarian Dental Travel to her colleagues and we had few more dental enquiries for vampire fangs…

I guess, this is not going to be a booming business and a common request but certainly a very interesting experience…


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New Year’s Resolution: a beautiful smile in 2012 on the budget?

Many dental patients are looking to make that big step and invest into a brand new smile, part of a New Years Eve resolution.

The pressure is on. Every day there is some sort of news about celebrity dental makeovers, new types of dental veneers or miraculous dental implants.

Everybody wants to look good and according to several surveys a brilliant smile in on the top 5 when it comes to what men find attractive in women.

A nice smile can make a huge difference, make us look younger, give confidence back, increase our chances of getting a job. All in all, we are not really paying for our dental treatments; we are paying for the emotional feedback once we achieved the desired effect.

Dental patients considering aesthetic makeovers will often find dental veneers, crowns, teeth whitening systems and their combinations will be mostly on their treatment plan.


Those patients, looking for a functional fix will be most likely offered dental implants, dental crowns and bridges or in some cases denture stabilisation.

When it comes to New Years Eve’s resolutions, people tend to make a life-changing promise to themselves, some wishes to lose weight, pay off debts, get married, some long for the perfect smile. Travelling to Hungary for dental treatments can be a good alternative to paying the high prices private surgeries charge in England. Most clinics offer 0% deals, accept credit cards or offer alternative payment options.
You can find fairly big clinics in Hungary with all the latest equipments or small, more personal dental studios with only one or two dentists. The quality of dental work will not depend on the size of the surgery. Communication is also very important. Most dentists in Hungary speak perfect English and also many surgeries employ English speaking staff and customer relationship managers.
Dental treatment prices in Hungary can vary. Generally, it depends on the level of the dentist, as Senior dentists, with more experience charge more, but by using them you may reduce the risk of needing complex aftercare. Newly established dental surgeries also offer introductory prices and some offers promotional deals, especially if you are willing to recommend their work or participate in marketing research. The right dental technician can also charge a bit more, but it is really worth paying the extra, as you will be wearing their art work for a long time…
So, check out your options to get the best value for money and enjoy all the benefits Hungary can offer.

Happy New Year, happy new smiles!


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£12000 for a new smile, like Tulisa’s? Not in Hungary!


I have been following Tulisa’s smile-makeovers since the start of her appearance as a judge on X-Factor.

Everybody attached to the program seems to have bright white smiles. Maybe it is to do with Simon Cowell, setting the standards.

Some people love having the full Hollywood glamour written all over their teeth, some prefers more the natural look.  X-Factor famously given smile makeovers for their most valuable contestants, as well.

Last years’ favourites Rachel, Katie and Cher Lloyd, also boy band One Direction had their teeth updated. This very much means Tulisa, as new judge had to have dental treatments.

Earlier this year I published a blog on her new smile, costing her £12000!!! http://hungariandentaltravel.blogspot.com/2011/08/make-good-impression-with-winning-smile.html


Now she tweeted about her dentist only to find herself in a “new plugging row after seemingly promoting the dentist who fitted her veneers on Twitter”- explains the Metro.

Only Tulisa never had to pay the £12000, it was only the value of the dental treatments correcting her aliments mostly using dental veneers.

Apparently she was tweeting about her lovely, new porcelain veneers

According the the Metro: “The OFT has not confirmed whether it is looking at The X Factor star’s behaviour, but a spokesman said: ‘It must be clear if endorsements in blogs and microblogs like Twitter have been made in return for payment or payment in kind.’” several times, mentioning clearly the name of the dentist and the practise, as well.

Well, who can blame Tulisa for getting free dental treatment? Good quality porcelain veneers cost a lot in the UK.

However, dental tourism could be an alternative, as treatments can cost 40%-70% less in Hungary,

For more, check out prices in Hungary on our site http://hungariandentaltravel.co.uk/prices/



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Is it possible to have teeth like a Princess for less?


I normally don’t write over weekends. But sipping my morning coffee on this lazy Saturday morning, I came across a piece of news worth commenting on.

Smile like a princess: The secret to Kate Middleton’s perfect pearly whites revealed says the headline in the Daily Mail. (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2066489/Smile-like-princess-The-secret-Kate-Middletons-perfect-pearly-whites-revealed.html#ixzz1eoA6XYuu)

Reading the article I found how Kate visited a foreign dentist, a French dental specialist based in London’s prestigious Wimpole Street. Immediately, I was thinking if it is allowed for a princess to show fear or confusion over dental treatment… anyway, the news is about Kate’s pearly white, bright smile and speculations over it.

Many dental patients wish to achieve the whitest teeth possible, but most of the patients wish to remain natural looking at the same time, just like the Princess. And it is possible in several different ways.

Teeth whitening is an all time favourite, you can read more about it in one of our recent articles (click http://hungariandentaltravel.co.uk/teeth-whitening/).

The way they suggest Kate got the prefect in-perfect smile is by a specific method called micro-   rotation. According to the dentist, -who is specialist in creating in-perfect, natural looking smiles- this can be achieved quickly by grinding and polishing teeth or adding individual veneers.

The article states this result with the French dentist can cost between £4000- £11000 over a period of   six months to two years,

Many Hungarian dentists have special expertise in the subject and for a savings of 40%-70% this option is really worth considering. For approximate dental prices with a dentist in all over Hungary and Budapest, please visit this page http://hungariandentaltravel.co.uk/prices/


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Teeth Whitening…..What to expect!

Dentists in both Hungary and England agree that patient expectations for teeth whitening procedures are often unrealistic which can cause disappointment for the patient. Dentists are generally keen to avoid patient dissatisfaction when it comes to teeth whitening procedures and likewise patients don’t want to waste money on procedures that don’t have the desired effect.
Teeth Whitening procedures are often provided in Budapest for overseas dental patients but it is not a procedure whereby the British, Irish or American dental patient will have flown in especially for it. For those patients who require teeth whitening as a standalone procedure it is generally more cost effective to have it done with your local dentist at home. Teeth Whitening often compliments other treatments for the dental tourist rather than it being a standalone procedure. An example would be when a patient is having Bridgework on their upper jaw and they require teeth whitening on the lower jaw so that the upper and lower teeth blend in with each other.

Hungary has a reputation for providing high quality dental care at much lower prices than you would expect in your home country but teeth whitening is one of those procedures whereby the price is approximately the same both in Hungary and in your home country. The main reason is that the bulk of the cost is in the material with little labour involved.
Dental patients are often seduced by teeth whitening advertisements whereby the model has the perfect smile. This often leads to the patient having a greater expectation in the product which can lead to disappointment and perhaps even complaint.

Crooked Teeth
It may sound obvious but teeth whitening procedures do not fix crooked teeth. If you have crooked teeth then your teeth will still be crooked after the teeth whitening procedure. They will just be whiter crooked teeth. Advertising is very powerful and often patients will think that they will get the perfect smile just like the model in the teeth whitening advertisement.

Tetracycline Staining
Once again, teeth whitening procedures has its limitations when it comes to tetracycline staining. Teeth whitening may help but often it will not give you that perfect smile like the model in the advert or brochure.

A1 White Smile
Just because the model in the teeth whitening brochure has that perfect white smile it does not mean that the same can be achieved for your teeth. With claims that laser teeth whitening can take your back up to 10 shades whiter it is hard to ignore but in reality the dentist should only try to do what is realistic. In many cases teeth whitening is used to take your teeth back just a few shades as safety is important and the health of your tooth should not be compromised.

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Diastema – A gap too far?


Many people travel to Hungary to correct a diastema but unless you have this condition then you perhaps would not know what it is? A diastema sounds serious but in fact it is not a bad thing at all. A diastema is when there is a distinctive natural gap between your upper front teeth. This is often affectionately called a “lucky gap”.

Some people just would not even consider correcting a diastema as it adds personality to their smile and overall attractiveness whilst others just don’t like it and must close that gap. Famous people with gaps between their front teeth are Madonna, David Letterman and former secretary of state for the US, Condoleeza Rice.

Dental patients who travel to Hungary will have considered orthodontic work in their home country but have decided to take the cosmetic dentistry route.


An orthodontist will look to close the gap between the teeth by using braces. Over a period of time the orthodontic dentist will move the teeth either side of the gap closer to each other. It may be necessary to move several teeth to close the gap depending on the size of the gap. The larger the gap the more teeth need to be moved.

The disadvantage of orthodontics is time and cost. The main reason why people travel to Hungary for closure of a diastema by a cosmetic dentist is cost and they know it will take years. There is no guarantee that it will be successful. Due to the amount of trips needed back and forth to Hungary it is not recommended to have orthodontic treatment outside of your own country.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Your Hungarian cosmetic dentist can close the gap by way of dental crowns or veneers. The big fear for patients is whether the two front teeth will look extra wide and inappropriate as they have to be made wide enough to close the gap. In reality what happens is that the gap is closed and the teeth look natural and the right size and shape. They close the gap by placing crowns over 6 to 8 teeth. Each tooth contributes to closing the gap rather than leaving the full job to the crowns covering the front teeth.


If you have six crowns in Hungary rather than in the UK, Ireland or the United States then expect to pay around £200 per crown in Hungary compared to £800 to £1000 back home.

When you travel to Hungary for dental treatment then expect the best care possible and your crowns will look beautiful as dentists and technicians generally work to a very high standard. Your crowns will be the right size, correct shape and the most appropriate shade.

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Hereditary and Genetic Dental Abnormalities


People travel to Hungary for dental treatment for a whole range of treatments with dental implants, bridges and crowns being the most popular. The driving force is the cost of such treatment at home compared to having dental treatment in Hungary. It goes without saying that the planned dental treatment in Hungary must be large enough so that the savings made can pay for your flights and accommodation as well as providing an extra saving to make it worth it. It is not as difficult as you may imagine.

When we think of people needing a large amount of dental treatment you tend think that people don’t look after their teeth. In some cases it is true that deterioration is due to a bad lifestyle and lack of hygiene but it is astonishing that people who have a healthy life style, who maintain a high level of dental hygiene quite often need major restorative treatment. It is not uncommon for people who have cared for their teeth to need £20.000 to £30,000 worth of treatment here in the UK. A lot of these patients have inherited problems from one or both parents with the possibility of the problem being worse if you are male if the sex ( X and Y) chromosomes are affected.

Amelogenesis Imperfecta – Weak Teeth

This is where the enamel does not harden properly when the adult teeth are formed. It also affects the amount of enamel that is produced when the adult teeth come through. If the enamel does not mineralise properly or not enough enamel is produced then the adult teeth will be weaker causing sensitivity to temperature and also when eating hard foods. Patients who have this condition will have teeth that will wear down quicker than normal thus causing problems when the upper and lower teeth bite together. Appearance is also a factor as well function. Depending on the severity of the problem the dentist will usually recommend crowns which will encase the existing teeth with porcelain which is a hard material. It is also important that the bite is corrected. If all 28 teeth are crowned then expect to save around £15,000 on a like for like basis in Hungary.

Dentinogenesis Imperfecta – Defective Teeth

Tooth development is affected by altered genes which cause defective formation of the dentin in both baby and adult teeth. Dentin makes up most of your tooth structure. It surrounds the pulp and lies beneath the enamel.

People suffering from this will have weaker teeth than normal and can experience the enamel coming off their teeth. Sensitivity to temperature is mostly experienced as well as problems when the upper and lower jawbone bites together.

Dental Implants seem to have a high failure rate which is a concern and orthodontic treatment may make matters worse. Crowns and dental bridges seem to be the best solution. Root canal treatment is often required as nerves and roots can become infected due to the dentin being defective. Quite often a dentist will insert metal posts in the centre of the tooth to give added strength.

Major restorative dental treatment can be expensive so travelling to Hungary is a serious proposition as prices can be around 60% to 70% lower on average for like or like treatment. As a rule of thumb, dentistry is 3 times high in price in the UK compared to dental treatment in Budapest or elsewhere in Hungary.

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Should Dental Veneers Be On The Menu?


A dental veneer is a very thin shaped porcelain or ceramic material which is bonded to the front teeth mainly to improve a patient’s appearance. Veneers are made by dental technicians and often used by dentists to improve appearance if patient’s have crooked teeth, protruding teeth, damaged teeth or unsightly gaps.

Although many people travel from the UK and Ireland to Hungary for a wide range of successful dental treatments such as dental implants, crowns, bridges and denture stabilisation, there is an argument whether veneers should be made available for overseas patients who travel to Hungary for treatment.

Whilst dental veneers certainly have a place in modern cosmetic dentistry the advantages must be weighed up against the disadvantages, especially where dental tourism is concerned.

The advantage of veneers is that minimal preparation is required to the front teeth. This means only a small amount of the front tooth surface is removed to accommodate the new veneer.

The disadvantage for patients is that veneers are brittle. This means that you have to eat with caution and no biting down on hard foods unless you are prepared to accept the consequences. If a veneer breaks or chips then you will have to have them replaced. A veneer can also fall off at any time and be sure it will fall off at the worst time.

Most Hungarian dentists will not offer veneers to overseas patients as the potential for bad feeling between the patient and dentist is high when this type of treatment is carried out. There are dentists in Hungary who will provide you with veneers if you are a good candidate but it will probably come with caution. If you insist on getting veneers in Hungary these dentists will spell it out to you that veneers are not a good idea unless you have them done nearer home and no guarantee will be given if you proceed.

Dental crowns are often used by dentists instead of veneers because they are stronger and will give the same aesthetic advantages. Crowns do require the whole tooth to be prepared rather than just the front of the teeth but they will last longer, require much less maintenance and a guarantee will be given.

The potential for breakage really should spell out to any prospective patient that veneers should really be done by your local dentist. If maintenance is required then it is not a 2000 mile round trip to have them repaired.

Hungary is a Mecca for dental implants, crowns, bridges and stabilised dentures as well as general dentistry.


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