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Is it possible to have teeth like a Princess for less?


I normally don’t write over weekends. But sipping my morning coffee on this lazy Saturday morning, I came across a piece of news worth commenting on.

Smile like a princess: The secret to Kate Middleton’s perfect pearly whites revealed says the headline in the Daily Mail. (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2066489/Smile-like-princess-The-secret-Kate-Middletons-perfect-pearly-whites-revealed.html#ixzz1eoA6XYuu)

Reading the article I found how Kate visited a foreign dentist, a French dental specialist based in London’s prestigious Wimpole Street. Immediately, I was thinking if it is allowed for a princess to show fear or confusion over dental treatment… anyway, the news is about Kate’s pearly white, bright smile and speculations over it.

Many dental patients wish to achieve the whitest teeth possible, but most of the patients wish to remain natural looking at the same time, just like the Princess. And it is possible in several different ways.

Teeth whitening is an all time favourite, you can read more about it in one of our recent articles (click http://hungariandentaltravel.co.uk/teeth-whitening/).

The way they suggest Kate got the prefect in-perfect smile is by a specific method called micro-   rotation. According to the dentist, -who is specialist in creating in-perfect, natural looking smiles- this can be achieved quickly by grinding and polishing teeth or adding individual veneers.

The article states this result with the French dentist can cost between £4000- £11000 over a period of   six months to two years,

Many Hungarian dentists have special expertise in the subject and for a savings of 40%-70% this option is really worth considering. For approximate dental prices with a dentist in all over Hungary and Budapest, please visit this page http://hungariandentaltravel.co.uk/prices/


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Greedy Birmingham dentists could be struck off


Reading the news today I came across this story on two Birmingham dentists facing serious consequences after defrauding patients and using tax payers money to their advantages.

“Hussain, aged 39, of College Road, Alum Rock, and fellow dentist Jaspal Bachada duped patients into paying inflated charges and then tried to cover up their scam through the “wholesale destruction” of records, Birmingham Crown Court heard.

Read More http://www.birminghammail.net/news/top-stories/2011/11/07/birmingham-dentist-jailed-for-conning-patients-and-nhs-could-be-struck-off-thiis-week-97319-29732407/#ixzz1dFcxwM00

The problem is you go to a dentists, whether they are private or NHS because you need them. Going to the dentist should not be a luxury, but it is a must, a need. Sometimes the pain is demanding the attention; sometimes the problem is a lot more complex than an extraction. Yes, we all know it costs lots of money, but when you are sitting in that dental chair, you are very vulnerable.

Most dental patients would not even argue. What’s more, most dental patients don’t even question the prices. So those dentists, who are taking advantage should be punished accordingly.

Before dental patients commit to travel to Hungary for dental treatment, usually get a very detailed price-and treatment plan. Some surgeries also offer consultations in England or Ireland. And this is how it should be. A patient when paying is paying for a service and needs to understand the prices clearly. So even if your dentist is located in your own country don’t be shy and ask about the prices and justification before the treatment starts and also try to research prices, so you can make a decision if the offer is competitive enough.

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Is it the recession, dental tourism or is it something else?


After having a wonderful but rather fast moving weekend settling in for the week is not that easy… Anyway, as usual I started my Monday morning searching for dental news, catching up with the World.

The first headlines hitting me were the ones regarding to dentists in Scotland. The core of the news as follows: “New figures show dentists working in Scotland have seen their pay fall by almost 7 per cent in the space of a year.” (in the Scottsman).


It is about the obvious, dental patients are either putting off their treatments or looking into alternative solutions, as the prices of dental treatments are just simply too high. One reader commented how dental care is now a luxury and paying £100 for a check up and a filling is unaffordable.

But where are we going from here? It is only speculation, but this situation can easily lead Scottish dentists to raise prices even more as they are referring the significant drops in incomes in 2009/10 compared to the previous year. Surely, this would drive more dental patients away.

Well, one thing is sure. Putting off necessary dental treatment will catch up and often cost an awful lot more than it would have of spotted or treated at an early stage. We saw in the past how infected teeth caused serious health problems, even death and dental implants will be needed to replace long-neglected teeth.

A spokesman from the Scottish Government reassured the readers, they have implemented big changes: “We are investing significantly in NHS general dental services in Scotland and as a result we are seeing a substantial improvement in oral health, and an increase in both the dental workforce and the number of patient registrations.”

Anyway, if you live in Scotland and in need of good quality, complex dental treatments travelling to Hungary for it might could be a really great option for you. Now you can fly into Bratislava from Edinburgh and see some of the Hungarian dentists in close-by dental travel locations Mosonmagyarovar or Gyor.


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Waiting list for NHS dentists plummeted in Plymouth

Waiting list for NHS dentists plummeted in Plymouth

I honestly thought the “waiting list crisis” is over in the UK for dental patients wishing to see an NHS dentist. The media seemed to be strangely quiet about it for a while, so I wasn’t that surprised finding a new article on this in today’s “This is Plymouth” website

Plymouth Herald Article

It states how over 4,000 dental patients are on the waiting list and according to the paper this is a decrease comparing to last year’s figure of 6,300. Which seems to be an improvement, however taking into consideration that the waiting time for allocation increased significantly suggests there are many unhappy dental patients in Plymouth at the moment.

Yesterday, I published an article on how a young woman died of an infected tooth. Surely the NHS should see how waiting for a dentist appointment too long could increase their costs on the long run…

The article also suggests the number of dental patients visiting an NHS dentist dropped dramatically due to the fact, patients are putting off the much needed dental treatments in the fear of receiving a potentially very hefty dental bill.

I know how travelling to Hungary for dental treatments still sounds like a crazy idea to some and it does need researching, as not all Hungarian dentists are representing a high level of care and customer service. Just like everywhere around the World, you will find great dentists and not so great ones, outstanding builders and rogue traders.


If you do your research right, you will find there are many alternative options out there and maybe you will take on the opportunity to travel to Hungary for less and enjoy the benefits the country can offer.

If you are looking for dental implants in Budapest then please call us:


020 7 193 1384




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Dental Implants on the NHS

Dental Implants on the NHS

The NHS (National Health Service) does not offer dental implants except under exceptional circumstances whereby it is clinically necessary for the patient to have dental implants over any other type of treatment.

dental implants on the nhsThe NHS has always been proud to offer patients quality dental care which is convenient and prompt from well trained motivated dental staff but cosmetic or restorative procedures which are not deemed clinically necessary will not be provided. This includes dental implants.

Whilst I think that the quality varies considerably across the NHS we have to remember that an NHS dentist may not always recommend the best treatment for you. An NHS dentist generally might recommend only what they can offer which is a medically satisfactory solution to your problem rather than the best solution or a comfortable solution. As an example, if you have no teeth at all then the NHS will probably pop a plastic denture in your mouth rather than provide a solution involving dental implants and a full circle bridge. This is because dental implants are not generally offered on the NHS and patients will not always be aware that a superior alternative is available unless the dentist has an option to operate out of the NHS.

The NHS would like to maintain good oral health among its patients which means that a denture or bridge to fill a gap will be offered rather than a dental implant which has additional benefits.

Dental implants are not deemed clinically necessary which is why you cannot get them on the NHS. The NHS do claim that if it is clinically necessary to provide dental implants on the NHS then they will but be rest assured that it is extremely rare indeed.

Dental Implants including abutment average in price at around £2000 per implant when seeking private care in the UK and Ireland compared to £500 to £600 in Hungary. That is a big difference and the main reason why the British have been flocking to Hungary for several years. Dental Implants cannot be obtained on the NHS and for many the cost of private care is too much.

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