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Hereditary and Genetic Dental Abnormalities


People travel to Hungary for dental treatment for a whole range of treatments with dental implants, bridges and crowns being the most popular. The driving force is the cost of such treatment at home compared to having dental treatment in Hungary. It goes without saying that the planned dental treatment in Hungary must be large enough so that the savings made can pay for your flights and accommodation as well as providing an extra saving to make it worth it. It is not as difficult as you may imagine.

When we think of people needing a large amount of dental treatment you tend think that people don’t look after their teeth. In some cases it is true that deterioration is due to a bad lifestyle and lack of hygiene but it is astonishing that people who have a healthy life style, who maintain a high level of dental hygiene quite often need major restorative treatment. It is not uncommon for people who have cared for their teeth to need £20.000 to £30,000 worth of treatment here in the UK. A lot of these patients have inherited problems from one or both parents with the possibility of the problem being worse if you are male if the sex ( X and Y) chromosomes are affected.

Amelogenesis Imperfecta – Weak Teeth

This is where the enamel does not harden properly when the adult teeth are formed. It also affects the amount of enamel that is produced when the adult teeth come through. If the enamel does not mineralise properly or not enough enamel is produced then the adult teeth will be weaker causing sensitivity to temperature and also when eating hard foods. Patients who have this condition will have teeth that will wear down quicker than normal thus causing problems when the upper and lower teeth bite together. Appearance is also a factor as well function. Depending on the severity of the problem the dentist will usually recommend crowns which will encase the existing teeth with porcelain which is a hard material. It is also important that the bite is corrected. If all 28 teeth are crowned then expect to save around £15,000 on a like for like basis in Hungary.

Dentinogenesis Imperfecta – Defective Teeth

Tooth development is affected by altered genes which cause defective formation of the dentin in both baby and adult teeth. Dentin makes up most of your tooth structure. It surrounds the pulp and lies beneath the enamel.

People suffering from this will have weaker teeth than normal and can experience the enamel coming off their teeth. Sensitivity to temperature is mostly experienced as well as problems when the upper and lower jawbone bites together.

Dental Implants seem to have a high failure rate which is a concern and orthodontic treatment may make matters worse. Crowns and dental bridges seem to be the best solution. Root canal treatment is often required as nerves and roots can become infected due to the dentin being defective. Quite often a dentist will insert metal posts in the centre of the tooth to give added strength.

Major restorative dental treatment can be expensive so travelling to Hungary is a serious proposition as prices can be around 60% to 70% lower on average for like or like treatment. As a rule of thumb, dentistry is 3 times high in price in the UK compared to dental treatment in Budapest or elsewhere in Hungary.

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Waiting list for NHS dentists plummeted in Plymouth

Waiting list for NHS dentists plummeted in Plymouth

I honestly thought the “waiting list crisis” is over in the UK for dental patients wishing to see an NHS dentist. The media seemed to be strangely quiet about it for a while, so I wasn’t that surprised finding a new article on this in today’s “This is Plymouth” website

Plymouth Herald Article

It states how over 4,000 dental patients are on the waiting list and according to the paper this is a decrease comparing to last year’s figure of 6,300. Which seems to be an improvement, however taking into consideration that the waiting time for allocation increased significantly suggests there are many unhappy dental patients in Plymouth at the moment.

Yesterday, I published an article on how a young woman died of an infected tooth. Surely the NHS should see how waiting for a dentist appointment too long could increase their costs on the long run…

The article also suggests the number of dental patients visiting an NHS dentist dropped dramatically due to the fact, patients are putting off the much needed dental treatments in the fear of receiving a potentially very hefty dental bill.

I know how travelling to Hungary for dental treatments still sounds like a crazy idea to some and it does need researching, as not all Hungarian dentists are representing a high level of care and customer service. Just like everywhere around the World, you will find great dentists and not so great ones, outstanding builders and rogue traders.


If you do your research right, you will find there are many alternative options out there and maybe you will take on the opportunity to travel to Hungary for less and enjoy the benefits the country can offer.

If you are looking for dental implants in Budapest then please call us:


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Dental Pain

Don’t let your fear stopping you from the dentist! It could save your life.


There are many reasons why a patient would be scared of going to the dentist. Some just don’t want to spend that much money and rather put up with the occasional pain, discomfort, bad breath and the consequences of having an unattractive smile. But some of us developed a fear of pain, a dental phobia just as strong as the fear for life.

Reading the Mirror yesterday I came across an article that really shocked me though. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-stories/2011/10/26/woman-ignored-killer-tooth-because-of-dentist-fear-115875-23515043/

“Woman ignored killer tooth because of dentist fear” – says the headline. Basically a lady, obviously suffering from dental

Dental Pain

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phobia and a badly infected tooth at the same time (not a great combination) left the infected tooth for 3 weeks. It was a molar and she was due to have it removed, but didn’t act fast on it. Well, not fast enough. Amanda was well-known for putting off medical appointments, but this time it cost her life. At age only 23 she died of multiple organ failure due to the infection from the molar tooth and went into cardiac arrest on the way to the hospital.

We understand that fear and lack of funds can delay dental visits but the consequences can be way too serious.

Travelling to Hungary for dental treatments usually means no or very short waiting list, state of art dental surgeries, empathic dental professionals and more affordable options. So if you do your research right you might can put some money aside and reward yourself with some shopping…

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