The Concept

Dental Tourism is the process of travelling from one country to another to have dental treatment carried out usually by a foreign dentist. Cross border dental care or dental health travel are just some of the terms associated with this industry.

Hungary attracts thousands of overseas dental patients every week with the main reason being price. It is not always the case but dental patients will usually travel from their home country to Hungary for extensive cosmetic or restorative dental treatment.

Whilst some other countries offer low cost dental treatment on a small scale, Hungary is considered to be the dental tourism capital of the world. The country has a very large infrastructure to cope with patients from many countries around the world as well as their own people.

Hungarian dentists offer high quality dental care for around 60% to 80% less cost than equivalent private dental care in Great Britain, Ireland, USA and Canada.

Treatment costs are mainly low due to the cost of living being much lower in Hungary. The cost of running a clinic and paying salaries is much lower than in other western countries. Hungarian dentists usually pay the same price for branded materials and equipment as any other dentist throughout the world.

In the UK, private dental care can be extremely expensive whilst the NHS system may not offer the best dental solution. A denture may be provided rather than a dental implant and a crown as dental implants are not available on the NHS. US citizens are primarily responsible to pay for individual dental treatment or take out a dental plan. There are state funded dental clinics but this is not free and the service varies from state to state. Canada is similar whereby citizens privately pay for dental treatment unless they have an employer funded plan. Irish patients pay privately or may be eligible for treatment through a health board.

Hungarian dentists are very keen to offer the best dental care possible using the best branded materials and dental technicians who make quality restorations. Patients can find it hard to trust the healthcare system of another country but the Hungarian dentists are doing everything they can to offer the best possible care. Problems are rare and dentists are generally very happy to put things right in order to safeguard their own and industry reputation.

The Concept
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