Waiting list for NHS dentists plummeted in Plymouth

Waiting list for NHS dentists plummeted in Plymouth

I honestly thought the “waiting list crisis” is over in the UK for dental patients wishing to see an NHS dentist. The media seemed to be strangely quiet about it for a while, so I wasn’t that surprised finding a new article on this in today’s “This is Plymouth” website

Plymouth Herald Article

It states how over 4,000 dental patients are on the waiting list and according to the paper this is a decrease comparing to last year’s figure of 6,300. Which seems to be an improvement, however taking into consideration that the waiting time for allocation increased significantly suggests there are many unhappy dental patients in Plymouth at the moment.

Yesterday, I published an article on how a young woman died of an infected tooth. Surely the NHS should see how waiting for a dentist appointment too long could increase their costs on the long run…

The article also suggests the number of dental patients visiting an NHS dentist dropped dramatically due to the fact, patients are putting off the much needed dental treatments in the fear of receiving a potentially very hefty dental bill.

I know how travelling to Hungary for dental treatments still sounds like a crazy idea to some and it does need researching, as not all Hungarian dentists are representing a high level of care and customer service. Just like everywhere around the World, you will find great dentists and not so great ones, outstanding builders and rogue traders.


If you do your research right, you will find there are many alternative options out there and maybe you will take on the opportunity to travel to Hungary for less and enjoy the benefits the country can offer.

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Waiting list for NHS dentists plummeted in Plymouth
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