Will the new craze “Yaeba Teeth” take over the World?


I came across many strange dental requests in the last few years. We had ladies wanting permanent vampire fangs, fitting teeth jewellery shaped like somebody’s private parts and now the latest craze coming from Japan the “Yaeba Teeth”.


“Japanese women are now going crazy to get the ‘yaeba’ look, in which they have a crooked teeth and has additional canine teeth.
It is very popular in Tokyo and costs around  $390 at a Dental Salon Plaisir in Tokyo’s upmarket ginza.” (Read more http://fallenscoop.com/74533/are-yeaba-teeth-the-new-beauty-trend-in-japan)

The solution creates a child-like look not only to make a girl look generally younger, but also sexy.

The request was also getting popular in New York amongst models, celebrities and actresses. Lara Stone, Georgia Jagger, Jessica Heart and natural “yaeba teeth” wearer Kirsten Dunst are all proudly showing off their less than perfect smiles.

Well, it is debatable whether dentists should only allowed to perform dental treatments to aid function, like chewing or they should be free to oblige to provide such requirements.

In Hungary this question really divides the dental professionals.

Most Hungarian dentists follow strict code of conduct only providing patients with an aesthetically pleasing, functional solution and will refuse extreme dental makeovers.

So, before you fly out make sure how flexible your dentist is…. And call me old fashioned but I still think there is nothing more attractive than a beautiful, healthy and natural smile….

Will the new craze “Yaeba Teeth” take over the World?
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