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Dental Warranty

We only introduce you to clinics whose work is of the highest quality. However, nobody can guarantee that nothing will ever go wrong. So we have negotiated a comprehensive and bespoke warranty with our clinics for all patients introduced by us, so you can have industry leading peace of mind.

Full and Partial Dentures 3 years
Implants (Material Only) 10 years
Zirconium Crown 3 years
Porcelain Crown fused to metal 3 years
Inlays / Onlays 3 years
Composite Fillings 3 years
Veneers 1 year

Warranty Conditions

  • Where there is a material failure of an implant or the laboratory work supplied by the clinic, the clinic will cover all necessary dental and laboratory costs to rectify the problem.
  • The patient is required to have a check up at least once a year either with the clinic or a competent dental surgeon in their home country (evidence of 3rd party check-ups and any advice given must be provided in writing).
  • We require a recent (no older than 1 month) panoramic X-ray before undertaking any work under warranty (this can be provided at the clinic).
  • No refunds are offered.
  • Travel and accommodation costs are not covered.

Limits to Warranty

The warranty will be void or reduced if:

  • The patient neglects oral hygiene or does not follow the dentist’s instructions on cleaning and maintaining the dental restoration work including removable prosthesis.
  • The patient undergoes invasive treatment at another clinic on the dental work provided by the clinic.
  • The patient’s gum tissue or bone suffers natural or accidental loss or damage.
  • The patient loses a large amount of weight in a short time.
  • The dental work provided by the clinic is damaged by accident, by excessive force, or the improper use of chemical substances.
  • The patient suffers from an illness that has an adverse effect on their dental condition (such as diabetes or osteoporosis) or where treatment such as chemotherapy causes such damage.

The clinic is not liable for unforeseen root canal treatment following fillings or tooth preparation for crowns, bridges etc.

If any dispute arises between the patient and the clinic, the parties are governed by the Civil Code of Hungary.

Hungarian Dental Travel has been helping patients find the best possible treatment in Hungary since 2004. Now part of Hand Picked Clinics, we are expanding our country coverage with the aim of helping more people from all over the globe.

We can introduce you to some of the best dental clinics in Hungary (and beyond). We know the ins and outs of travelling abroad for treatment. We are not tied to one clinic and we are not dentists, just normal humans.

Every treatment plan is as individual as you are. You will get world class treatment at an affordable price. Our dentists are skilled at designing solutions that both save you money and focus on your long term oral health.

Send us a short message outlining what you want to acheive - restore your self-esteem, a perfect smile, being able to chew properly, your objective will be our aim as we do our best to guide you through.

We have hand picked a small number of clinics in Hungary with some of the best dentists and dental surgeons around.

We only gather the information we have to in order to provide the service we offer and we only share that information with the dentists in our selected clinics. Simple.